Cambridge IELTS Trainer Book PDF + Audio

Cambridge IELTS Trainer Book PDF + Audio
Cambridge IELTS Trainer Book PDF + Audio

The book Cambridge IELTS Trainer is considered a quite useful book. This book is a must-have for anyone preparing for the IELTS exam. Many IELTS teachers and students also review the Cambridge IELTS Trainer book series better than Cambridge 1-17 or even the Expert on Cambridge IELTS book because besides just providing questions, the book also has a Training section to help you get an overview. About the exam, tips to do for each skill. So, today, let's get on the IELTS Trainer book series with IELTS Clue.

Overview Cambridge IELTS Trainer E-book

Another commendable point in the IELTS Trainer book is located in the Answers section of Listening and Reading with clear explanations, helping you easily understand where the error is located and draw lessons for the following lessons.

With the essence of a practice book, these two books are suitable for all levels from basic to advanced. However, it must be used before you enter the exam, which means you have an IELTS background and knowledge of previous skills.

Cambridge IELTS Trainer is a very good IELTS book that you cannot ignore if you want to get a high score in the IELTS exam. The book will fully study for each type of lesson so that learners can better understand the IELTS test.

Especially for those of you who want to practice fast practice!

Book information

  • Name: Cambridge IELTS Trainer
  • Publication: University of Cambridge
  • Status: Full PDF + Audio
  • Content: includes 6 tests
  • Books for band 4.5 and above to practice questions

Contents of the book Cambridge IELTS Trainer

Cambridge IELTS Trainer includes 6 full tests that provide you with exam questions and full study of each type of test under each skill. This is an effective quick IELTS learning book for you.

  • The content of this section introduces specifically some of what you need to do and need to do for each skill. For example, listening skills, the book will introduce Section I, II, III format and some tips and tricks you need to practice for each section. The same goes for the remaining 3 skills.
  • For IELTS speaking, there will be questions and fully researched answers to help those who know how to get high scores.
  • The answer part of the book is very good. Listening and Reading are fully explained by the author with the answer why. This is not the case with all practice books.
  • That's why, after taking the test, you will easily compare the answers and study the questions so that you have useful experience for the following tests. This is also the reason she loves this book.

Get E-book Cambridge IELTS Trainer

This book is very special, even some of you at an advanced level can use the book to improve your knowledge as well as thoroughly explore the format of the best IELTS exam structure.
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