The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced Academic Writing IELTS

The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced
The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced

The illustrations show how chocolate is produced. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced Academic Writing IELTS

Sample Answer of The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced

Sample Answer 1

The making of chocolate is shown in the flowchart.

Overall, it is clear that there are 10 steps involved in the manufacture of chocolate. from the cacao tree through the production of liquid chocolate.

According to the diagram, the cocoa trees that were cultivated in South America, Africa, and Indonesia should have red pods that are mature in the first stage. Secondly, after harvesting the pods, white cocoa beans were extracted. Beans are fermented in the third and fourth processes, then distributed evenly on a rectangular pan and allowed to dry in the sun.

The dried beans are also maintained in sizable sacks and were shipped to a facility by truck or train. The beans were roasted at a temperature of 350°C over the course of eight stages. After that, the beans' shell was removed and they were crushed in a crusher. After pressing the roasted bean's inside into a grinder, liquid chocolate for consumption was created.

Sample Answer 2

The production process for chocolate is shown in the graph.

The chart makes it clear that there are ten processes in all, starting with the collection of ripe cocoa pods from cocoa trees and ending with the creation of liquid chocolate.

In depth, ripe red pods from cocoa trees that can only be found in South America, Africa, and Indonesia have been collected. After that, outposts are picked for their pods and their white cocoa beans. Following this, fermentation takes place with beans. Dry beans are gathered in large sacks and delivered using a variety of vehicles, including lorries and trains, after being spread out to dry after being fermented.

The process of roasting dry beans occurs in the following stage, which involves transporting them to manufacturers. Additionally, beans are processed for the following stage after being roasted at 350°C. Large circular machines crush the beans, removing the outer shell before moving on to the last stage of the procedure. When the interior portion of the beans is squeezed, liquid chocolate is created.

Model Answer 3

The steps in the manufacture of chocolate are depicted in the flowchart.

The process of making chocolate involves ten steps in total, starting with the gathering of cacao tree pods and concluding with the creation of liquid chocolate.

The white cocoa beans inside the red, ripe pods that are produced by the cacao plants, which are found in South America, Africa, and Indonesia, are then picked. The beans are then stretched out to dry in the sun after undergoing fermentation.

The fifth stage involves packing the dried beans into sacks so they may be transported by train, truck, or ship. The sacks are brought to the facility, where 350 degrees is a fairly high temperature at which the beans are roasted. The outer shells are removed and the beans are crushed after roasting. The procedure is finished when the interior portion of the beans is squeezed to create liquid chocolate.

Model Answer 4

The diagram that was produced shows how the chocolate was made.

The entire procedure was divided into two stages: collection and production. Cocoa is generally needed to grow in South America, Africa, and the Indonesian region in order to make chocolate.

The first step is to break open the red cocoa pods on the cocoa tree after harvesting the white beans, then combine everything into a sizable container for fermentation and drying. Transport it by train or trucks after it has dried and been placed in big sacks. The second and last stage involved posting big sacks that were brought to the facility at certain temperatures, such as 350 °C, and afterwards removing undesired materials that had become crusted in the process. It divided beans into their outer and interior shells as a result. The inner portions of the beans are squeezed by two rollers in the following stage, and the resulting liquid is utilized to manufacture chocolate in a machine with a round form.

Model Answer 5

The process diagram shows how to make chocolate by going through a few phases. Overall, the procedure that the row pods go through to become chocolate involves a number of steps that start with the collection of ripe red pods and end with the processing of the interior section.
To begin with, the cocao trees that are abundant in South America, Africa, and Indonesia are used to harvest the beautiful red pods. The collected pods are next crushed to produce the white cocao beans, which make up their inner shell. The beans are then spread out into a sizable container and exposed to the sun to dry after going through a fermentation process. The dried pods are then placed in sizable bags in the following step, which is followed by their transportation to the factory by train or lorry. The beans must next be roasted at a specified temperature. This method benefits from the oven. After that, the beans are placed in a certain machine to undergo crushing, which separates the outer shell from the interior pods. Last but not least, to create liquid chocolate, the inner portion of the beans is crushed by big milestones.

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