Some People Say That Now We Can See Films IELTS Writing 2

Some People Say That Now We Can See Films IELTS Writing 2
Some People Say That Now We Can See Films IELTS Writing 2

 Some people say that now we can see films on our phones or tablets there is no need to go to the cinema. Others say that to be fully enjoyed, films need to be seen in a cinema. Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Sample Essay 1

Whether it is required to watch a movie in a theater or if digital gadgets suffice, there are opposing points of view. I think traveling is worthwhile because of the immersive experiences that theaters provide.

You can now watch any movie on your digital gadget, on the one hand. The days when some movies could only be seen in cinemas are over thanks to the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. This implies that you will be able to choose a movie to watch in the vast selections offered online, regardless of your preferences, whether it an independent romance movie or an action masterpiece. Why go to a movie theater if watching movies on cellphones and tablets is so simple? But while though having access to a huge library of movies is one advantage, I think you won't be able to completely appreciate the experience on the little screen of your mobile.

On the other hand, others who disagree claim that watching a movie in a theater makes you feel more intimately invested in it. Think about going to see Aquaman in a theater. The combination of the IMAX screen, 3D visuals, and surround sound transports you beneath the enchanted ocean, where seahorses and characters are so near you that you feel like you could reach out and take part in their conflict. This claim is supported by the fact that many films are made to stimulate audiences visually, something that can only be done in a theater.

In conclusion, theaters offer the distinctive experience of feeling like a part of the movie, even though streaming services on digital devices offer a wide choice of options. Therefore, seeing movies in a theater provides the ideal viewing experience. (290 Words)

Sample Essay 2

These days, viewers have a variety of devices, such as a phone or tablet, on which they can enjoy a movie. Due to the convenience of watching movies on mobile devices, some claim that going to the movies is not necessary in order to enjoy them, while others maintain that the theatrical experience is unlike anything else. When compared to watching a movie on a smaller device, the big-screen experience is significantly more immersive.
On the one hand, folks who enjoy watching movies on their phone or tablet frequently have access to a large selection of films at inexpensive prices while on the road. Notably, a Netflix yearly subscription costs the same as two movie tickets while giving you access to a wide selection of movies. Therefore, watching a movie on a tablet or phone is an attractive option for many price-conscious, time-pressed professionals who want to see the newest releases but find it difficult to find the time to travel to the theater.
However, watching a movie in a theater offers a much more immersive experience for viewers. When watching on a large screen, one may focus solely on the world that the movie is portraying. To give an example, the size of the screen and the sound quality enable us to fully enjoy the subtler aspects of the movie, like the acting, music, clothing, and camera angles. As a result, seeing a movie in a theater is a unique experience that allows spectators to use their imagination in ways that are not feasible on a phone or tablet.
Finally, watching movies on smaller devices enables users to watch more movies for less money. But in my opinion, watching movies on a smaller screen is still preferable because it is a much more vibrant and interesting medium.

Sample Essay 3

More individuals are using their mobile devices to watch movies and other entertainment. The purpose of this essay is to explain why some people choose to view content on their personal devices rather than going to a movie theater and why others, particularly those who like the action and 3D movie genres, still visit theaters.

Millions of people worldwide now have instant access to high-quality entertainment because to accelerating internet connections and the availability of smartphones. In a recent poll of 500 Londoners, it was discovered that 70% of them preferred to watch movies at home. Additionally, theaters have a strict timetable that may or may not fit into our hectic lifestyles. Some people think that there is no longer a need to view a movie in a theater because of these factors.

On the other hand, action-packed or technologically complex films should be shown on a big screen. The feeling of seeing a suspenseful or action-packed scene with hundreds of other moviegoers in a large, dark theater with Dolby sound is unmatched. Additionally, some films are created using technology like 3D that can only be viewed on a screen that has been particularly designed. As a result, viewing such entertainment on a large screen is much more enjoyable.

In conclusion, due of the ease it provides, many individuals enjoy watching movies on their cellphones. This essay covered the reasons why some people might not want to watch movies anymore and why large-screen televisions would remain popular since they offer a better cinematic experience. Despite the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, I believe that some films are best seen in a theater.

Sample Essay 4

Every person with intellectual capacity needs some form of entertainment to reduce tension, and viewing movies is the most common option. While some people hold the opinion that movies may be seen at home on devices, others disagree and assert that movies are only enjoyable at movie theaters. My opinion is that watching a movie in a theater is the only way to truly appreciate it.

On the one hand, it has been increasingly difficult for most individuals to travel and find time for leisure activities due to their busy daily schedules. Online movie streaming is now painless and reasonably priced. The movie is available for viewing at any time. You can stop now and continue later. You are not required to pay any further fees to watch the video repeatedly. On the other hand, the price of a movie ticket might range from 200 to 500 rupees, without including the expense of getting to and from the theater.

The second set of people, however, disputes this idea and claims that the real, mesmerizing movie experience can only be appreciated in a theater that is furnished with all essential technology. Theaters are notorious for giving their audiences mind-blowingly effective presentations, and this cannot under any circumstances be recreated on a phone. Superhero films like Star Wars, for instance, with their animations and spectacular effects, are best experienced in theaters.

In conclusion, a mobile phone or other smaller device cannot provide the same amount of entertainment as a movie theater. Cinemas with adequate sound and Dolby movie quality are, in my opinion, the only places where everyone can discover and enjoy cinematography to the fullest extent.

Sample Essay 5 

Some individuals contend that since people can watch movies and television shows on their smartphones and tablets these days, there is no need to visit a theater; yet, others maintain that in order to really appreciate a movie, you must see it in a theater. I find it more enjoyable to watch movies and TV shows on my laptop or tablet at home than it is to visit a theater.

One the one hand, I concur with many who believe that watching movies on a mobile device or tablet is preferable to visiting a theater. To put it another way, viewing movies on a tablet is more comfortable because we can choose how to sit or what to wear. For instance, some people enjoy to unwind on their mattresses while watching movies. Additionally, viewing on your phone while eating anything you like is less expensive than visiting a theater and paying for beverages and snacks there. For instance, we must take a taxi and pay for a ticket in order to go to the movies.

On the other hand, it is frequently held that seeing a movie in a theater will give you the complete enjoyment because theaters are outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and sound systems that can increase audience engagement and connection. People prefer to watch movies in theaters in order to prevent interruptions that might happen if they were doing so on their phone or tablet. For instance, some movie theaters install specialized technology to disrupt mobile networks so that as you enter the theater, you are unable to receive a call.

Conclusion: While opinions may differ, in my perspective, viewing movies on a phone or tablet can be more enjoyable and engaging than seeing them in a theater.

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