Research Shows That Some Activities Are Good For Health And Others Are Bad Essay Sample

The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced
The Illustrations Show How Chocolate Is Produced

Research shows that some activities are good for health and others are bad. Despite knowing that, millions of people engage in unhealthy activities. What is the cause of this? What can be done?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Numerous studies have proven that some hobbies are good for people's health while others are bad for people's health. Despite being aware of some of the activities' negative impacts, people knowingly engage in them. The causes of this tendency are explored in the paragraphs that follow, along with workable answers.

To start, one of the most significant causes of people ignoring the negative effects of unhealthy behaviors on their health is stress. The rapid pace of life has made people restless and worried. The development of technology is another factor contributing to people engaging in hazardous behaviors. People today have access to a wide range of entertainment-giving electronic devices, including televisions and mobile phones. Therefore, instead of going outside and engaging in any form of exercise or yoga to unwind, many choose to spend their leisure time watching movies or listening to music on their phones or TV.

Self-control, a strong will, and the support of loved ones can help eliminate this propensity to engage in harmful behavior. Self-control motivates individuals to engage in physical activity rather than sit around the house. Additionally, instead of using alcohol or cigarettes to relax, people should seek out the company of their family and friends. This will increase their resolve, and they'll progressively cut back on alcohol and other narcotics. Formerly an obese kid, Neeraj Chopra became the first Indian athlete to win an Olympic gold medal thanks to his family's support and his own drive. Therefore, both internal and external motivation can be quite important while trying to break undesirable habits.

To sum up, people unknowingly engage in unhealthy activities because of their highly hectic lives and the detrimental effects of technology. To combat or overcome such impulses, self-control and family support are essential.

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Recently, prestigious colleges from various nations published a list of best practices that support good health, emphasizing the need to steer clear of negative attitudes. However, due to psychological factors, the general public is becoming less and less likely to heed such advise. At this time, changing this tendency might be possible with a mix of effective mass media efforts, medical treatment, and psychological counseling.

Following the publication of the Good Physical Habits report in Philadelphia in 2016, the general public appeared to be moving in the opposite direction of what medical professionals were advising for their wellbeing. In other words, they started eating more fast food, exercising once a month, and smoking and drinking more than they had in the past. The researchers discovered that depression brought on by their economic circumstances was a significant part in the equation after looking into the causes for this behavior. In that year, the industry had redundancies at a rate of roughly 40%. Because of this, more individuals than ever before turned to food, alcohol, and smoking as a way to express their negative emotions.

A collaborative effort between the advertising campaigns on television and the internet, as well as close coordination with medical professionals and psychologists, may be able to resolve this issue. After Louisiana adopted this metric, more than 40% of the population participated in the Good Physical Habits survey and reported that they were able to lose weight, stop smoking, and generally live better.

In conclusion, there are numerous possible causes for why people develop unfavorable views toward their health. The best thing the scientific community can do in this circumstances is to comprehend each circumstance and address each problem on an individual basis.

Sample Essay IELTS 3

Many individuals are aware of the science-backed distinction between healthy and unhealthy activities all across the world. Despite this, many engage in unhealthy behaviors. There are a few reasons for this, in my opinion. This essay will first discuss the reasons behind this behavior before highlighting the actions that can be made to make it better.

One of the main reasons why people choose unhealthy behaviors over healthy ones is lack of time. As is common knowledge, time-consuming healthy activities take more time than harmful ones. Due to traffic and the lengthy journey between their workplace and home, the majority of people who live in urban areas don't have enough time. For example, according to an article in a prestigious lifestyle magazine. Because fast food takes less time to prepare and consume than nutritious meals, half of the population who live in metro regions rely on it for lunch.

The second most important factor is that engaging in healthy activities is more expensive and out of reach for those on a low income.

For instance, families who depend on a single poor income cannot afford to attend aerobics classes or the gym. Because of this, while knowing how beneficial daily exercise is for their health, they are unable to do it.

Government and employers, in my opinion, can aid in resolving the aforementioned problems.

For instance, if the government could put higher taxes on fast food, they could use the additional tax revenue to open more playgrounds and construct free fitness centers for those with little means. Similar to this, large corporations can motivate their staff to engage in healthy activities by offering rewards. For instance, my business rewards employees who consistently exercise and check their diet with gift cards.

To sum up, people are aware of the healthy behaviors they should practice, but they frequently fail to do so because they lack the time and resources to do so. The employers and governing bodies can motivate them to lead healthy lifestyles.

Sample Essay 4

Despite scientists' encouragement of a healthy lifestyle, there is a rise in harmful habits nowadays. There are a few reasons that contribute to this, and prompt action should be taken to address the problem.

On the one hand, there were a number of primary causes for engaging in harmful behavior. The first is that people tend to spend more time at work because of the fast pace of life and competition for available jobs. In order to save time, they are forced to continue bad habits like eating fast food, which raises their chance of developing conditions like obesity and heart disease. The second reason is that individuals become addicted to watching TV, playing video games, and using the internet because of modern technology. For instance, people frequently prefer to remain in on the weekends rather than go out, which promotes a sedentary lifestyle.

On the other hand, there are a lot of doable things that could be done to solve this problem. First and foremost, it's essential to spend money on outdoor amenities like gardens and walking trails. Because it can motivate people to exercise frequently and promote a healthy lifestyle. Second, the government might prevent people from spending a lot of time on their occupations by establishing restrictions around working hours. As a result, people will have more time to care for themselves and choose healthier foods.

In conclusion, there should be numerous suitable remedies for this issue because harmful habits are becoming more and more prevalent for a variety of reasons.

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