Mat Clark IELTS Speaking Book PDF+Audio Free

Mat Clark IELTS Speaking Book PDF+Audio Free
Mat Clark IELTS Speaking Book PDF+Audio Free

IELTS Speaking Mat Clark is one of the IELTS books produced in both English and Chinese by an IELTS examiner. Before developing IELTS resources to strengthen four skills, Mat Clark worked for British Council in Taiwan and had a great deal of experience teaching English.

It is difficult to learn IELTS Speaking without Mat Clark's IELTS Speaking book. This is one of the books that will most successfully help you improve your Band Speaking. What makes the book so exceptional? Join Prep to discuss the contents of the book and how to study efficiently using books. Particularly towards the conclusion of the Prep piece, there is a link to a free PDF file that you can use to create your own documents.

Regarding the book Mat Clark IELTS Speaking

The book Mat Clark IELTS Speaking provides an overview of IELTS Speaking and analyzes cultural variances in spoken language in detail. The author also demonstrates how the usage of moist words makes learning English difficult.

This book is for IELTS candidates who wish to get a Speaking band score of at least 6.5. Therefore, you should study when you have a firm foundation in English and an understanding of the IELTS Speaking test's format. In addition, the book contains academic English of a high caliber. Appropriate for individuals who aspire to utilize academic English in the future.

What does the book Mat Clark IELTS Speaking have?

Part 1: The Speaking Test in China. This is the part where the author introduces an overview of the Speaking test in China. The author gives the current situation of IELTS test scores in China and explains the reason why IELTS Speaking test scores do not accurately reflect your ability.
Part 2: Two Different Speaking Systems In this section the author talks about the use of different language systems. The author points out the differences in Chinese and English speaking.
Although the author analyzes the difference between English and Chinese, you can still refer to see the difference between Vietnamese and English by the author's comparisons.
Part 3: The Marking System The author gives the scoring criteria in the Speaking test. The criteria are as follows:
Fluency, coherence
Rich vocabulary source
Use correct and varied grammar
To understand each criterion specifically, you can read it in the book that Prep provides the download link at the end of the article.
Part 4: The Speaking Test Format The author gives the format of the IELTS Speaking test. In this section, the author details each Part and tips for effective Speaking.
Part 1: The author lists the question types, with each form including examples and explanations for candidates to answer in detail. At the end of Part 1, the author provides a list of frequently asked questions in Part 1 IELTS Speaking for you to practice
Part 2: The author provides information and problem definitions, strategies and question-solving strategies in IELTS Speaking Part 2. In each idea are sample examples for your reference.
Part 3: The author gives the format of IELTS Speaking Part 3, how to adjust the score and provides the types of frequently asked questions when taking the test.
Extra Tip: This is a compilation of useful tips such as example tips, paraphrasing tips, etc.

The method of studying Mat Clark IELTS Speaking book to break through the Speaking Band

The majority of individuals fear public speaking because they "don't know what to say" or "have nothing to say." However, the examiner evaluates HOW you speak, not WHAT you say. Here you can review the IELTS Speaking evaluation criteria:
  • Fluency and Coherence
  • Lexical Resource
  • Grammatical Range and Accuracy
  • Pronunciation
Here's how to practice Speaking with the IELTS Speaking Mat Clark book:

Create your own formula based on Mat Clark's advice: For each Part, come up with your own formulas. Only one guideline is required for Part 2, however Parts 1 and 3 will vary depending on the questions asked. You may trust on the book that Mat Clark has written.

Practice: To improve your speaking, use the instructions provided in the IELTS Speaking Mat Clark book. Recording and verifying your pronunciation, vocabulary, idioms, etc. then make your speech sound better. You should focus on the following two things:
  • Topic-related words and Idiom. In Mat Clark's book there is a Vocabulary section for each Topic
  • Grammar: You need to be proficient in using relative clauses, conditional sentences, more advanced than inverting conditional sentences.
IELTS Speaking by Mat Clark is available for purchase in physical copy on Tiki and Shopee. Prep has a download link available in case you require a soft copy.

Get Mat Clark IELTS Speaking Book PDF+Audio Free 55 MB

As a result, Prep has reviewed the book Mat Clark IELTS Speaking and provided a useful study strategy. Additionally, prep offers a download link for the Mat Clark IELTS Speaking pdf book so you may create useful speaking practice materials. I hope you find this post to be beneficial. I hope you receive the speaking band you want!

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