Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful - Speaking Part 2 Sample Answer

Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful
Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful

Describe an Object That You Think is Beautiful

You should say:
  • What it was
  • How you overcame the difficulties
  • Whether you got help
  • And explain how you felt after you succeeded

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Sample Answer 1

Well, I enjoy discussing hanfu. It is the traditional dress of ancient Chinese people. My buddy gave me a dress in the han style two years ago. We were both interested in traditional Chinese culture. Therefore, Mom gave me this dress for my birthday.

It is a very lovely dress. It is a white dress with long and voluminous sleeves. I suppose that people in the past used these sleeves to store their money and other personal items. It is made of silk, making it exceedingly soft and lightweight. It is also composed of multiple layers, so as the wind blows, these layers will be swept away and float in the air. It resembles a fairy in that it is incredibly attractive.

In addition, there are numerous floral patterns on the dress, all of which are exquisitely crafted, so the garment as a whole is delicate and lovely. I wear this garment every time I go out with my companions to Natural Parks or old structures to snap photographs. These outfits can completely complement the surrounding environment.

Well, despite the fact that the dress is not particularly wearable because it is quite long and multilayered. Personally, I would disregard them since they are so lovely and it is an excellent way to promote traditional Chinese culture. And you are aware that more people are discovering its beauty.

Sample Answer 2

Art is everywhere; all that is required is a keen eye to recognize it. People are drawn to the unusual appearance of certain works of art. Occasionally, though, everyday objects also capture the sight.

However, last week I visited a museum with my friends, where we saw a variety of interesting and regular sculptures, paintings, and other works of art. After touring all of the museum's art galleries, we finally visited the painting section, where portraits of renowned people and paintings hung on the walls.

Aside from it, a painting caught my attention; this painting contains a secret message. This picture depicted the disparity between the happiness of wealthy and impoverished children. The wealthy children were dissatisfied with their opulent possessions and appeared unhappy, whilst the impoverished children were content with their simple toys. I immediately comprehended the message conveyed by the paintings upon viewing them. Money cannot purchase happiness. It is an unpleasant truth.

Satisfaction is regarded as the most essential aspect of happiness. The poor find contentment in every little thing they have; they are content with what God provides. Because life does not provide a second chance, I also discovered that we should not pursue wealth and material possessions; rather, we should always pursue happiness.

After observing this painting, I decided to share it with my friends. I took a photo of it and submitted it on social media, where I received excellent feedback. My pals also admired the painter's thoughtfulness. I felt quite happy after seeing it. Thus, this was the really distinctive and intriguing painting.

Sample Answer 3

Occasionally, we encounter so many objects that we find to be exquisite. As a matter of fact, I recall vividly the college trip to Shimla. We visited an art museum. Actually, the entrance was free, so we decided to visit an art gallery, where I saw a very wonderful picture as we were browsing about.

In fact, I believe it is an oil painting because I observed a small description of the painting's material and other components in one of its corners. It was lovely because it was a scene of a mother holding her infant, and it looked so real that I could feel how comfortable the baby felt in her mother's arms, and the facial expressions and characteristics were so natural.

Sample Answer 4

Well, I enjoy viewing beautiful things, whether it's a genuine flower, a river, or a mountain, but I'd want to discuss the artwork my daughter produced for my birthday. It was construction work, and I instructed her to construct a lovely home, which we had planned to construct in the future. In short, I desired to assess her imagination and ingenuity.

I provided all the necessary tools, including sticks, glue, wax, and watercolors, and she created a magnificent house out of sticks and painted it. When she wrote the name of the home with sticks, my imagination ran wild. I believed she would become an excellent architect in the future.

As it is the first blueprint for my daughter's dream home, I have carefully preserved it, and I pray that God will make her dream a reality. Even when guests visit our home, they are astounded by our innovation. In the upcoming winter, she will show it in a school competition. Therefore, I think this artwork to be really attractive.

Discussion of Questions Describe an Object You Find Particularly Beautiful

Do you believe that there are more lovely things today than there were in the past? Why?

Well, I think so. Every day, beautiful items such as artworks, handicrafts, and even buildings are created. Certainly, the progress of technology deserves credit for their invention. For instance, the camera and various graphic-editing tools provide individuals with the opportunity to innovate in photography. Even amateurs can produce visually stunning works today. Another illustration is the computer, which has evolved into a potent instrument for design in a variety of sectors, including graphic design, industrial design, and animation, among others.

What breathtaking landscapes are there in your country?

China possesses some of the most spectacular natural beauty on the planet as a result of its huge landmasses. There is the picturesque Karst landscape in the southern provinces of Yunnan and Guangxi, the precipitous pillar-like formations in Zhangiajie Geopark in Central China, the four natural wonders in Huangshan including the greeting guests pines, oddly-shaped rocks, seas of cloud, and hot springs, and the spectacular Nine Villages Valley in the southwest of China with lakes of various colors, incredible waterfalls, unique wildlife, and mountains covered in leaves of varying colors.

Where do you believe individuals typically encounter attractive objects?

At tourist attractions, people can view attractive objects. Tourist destinations have a great deal to offer, including natural sights such as mountains and lakes, historical attractions such as religious buildings and ancient palaces, and fine traditional handicrafts manufactured by people. In addition, they can find lovely items in museums and art galleries, where artifacts and masterpieces from various historical periods are on show. Some may argue that beautiful things are pervasive in our daily lives, and if we pay great attention to the nuances, we will notice them.

Why do you believe that people make beautiful objects?

Because humans are physically predisposed to appreciate beauty. When we encounter anything that is aesthetically pleasant, whether it be a flawless sculpture, a fantastic picture, or simply a lovely outfit, we experience a great sense of delight, renewed strength, and hope for the future. However, anytime we see ugliness, we experience discomfort and even depression. Therefore, our desire for beauty is innate, and this motivates us to create beautiful things.

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