Handmade olive oil soaps sales in Turkey 2015 Academic Writing 1

Handmade olive oil soaps sales in Turkey 2015
Handmade olive oil soaps sales in Turkey 2015

The chart below shows the sales of handmade olive oil soaps to tourists in Turkey in 2015. 

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Handmade olive oil soaps sales in Turkey 2015

Sample Answer 1 Band 8

The graph depicts the sales of manufactured soaps (made from olive oil) to tourists in Turkey in 2015. Overall, the beginning and end of the data are nearly identical, while sales skyrocketed to a peak in March and then fell precipitously in July and September. Millions of Turkish Lira are used to calculate units.

Sales began with 200 million in January and gradually increased over the next month before reaching their peak of the year in March (350 million worth of soaps sold during this period). From there, sales fell precipitously until the end of July.

The figures increased in August, when the sale surpassed 200 million. However, that trend was not sustained over time. The product sold for approximately 125 million in September (sales comparable to July), and then the statistics showed some hope, finishing the year with approximately 175 million.

Sample Answer 2

The line graph depicts data on the amount of handmade olive oil soaps sold to tourists in Turkey in 2015. The sale price is stated in million lira. The highest sales were obviously made in March 2015, with average monthly sales ranging from 100 to 200 million lira.

Returning to the specifics, Turkish olive oil soap makers sold 200 million Lira worth of soap to visitors in January 2015, increasing to 350 million Lira in March. The sales amount plummeted in the following months and remained low until July, when it fell to just over 100 million. During this time, monthly sales fell by 50 million lira. Sales increased in August and were twice as high as the previous month, only to fall the following month. In December, sales nearly reached 200 million lira, albeit with a slight increase.

Sample Writing 3

The line chart displays information about the quantity of handmade olive oil soaps sold to foreign visitors to Turkey in 2015. The price is listed in million lira. March 2015 clearly saw the highest sales, with monthly averages of between 100 and 200 million lira.

To return to the specifics, in January of 2015, tourists spent around $200 million on soap made from Turkish olive oil, but by March of that year, that number had risen to $350 million. The sales figures continued to plummet over the following months, with July marking the lowest point at just over 100 million. Monthly sales dropped by 50 million lira during this period. When compared to the previous month, August's sales were double that of July, but they dropped the following month. The sales amount in December nearly reached 200 million lira again, after a small increase.

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