Describe a Photo that you are Proud of IELTS Cue Card

Describe a Photo that you are Proud of IELTS Cue Card
Describe a Photo that you are Proud of IELTS Cue Card

Describe a photo that you are proud of.

You should say:

  • When did you take this photo? 
  • What is the photo about?
  • Why you feel proud of the photo?
Note: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.

Model Answers and follow up questions to describe a photo that you are proud of IELTS Cue Card:

Sample Answer 1

The greatest method to remember every special event is to take pictures because they trigger memories later on.

I still well recall the event that was planned in our school a few months ago on the eve of the new year. Lights, balloons, and original artwork were used to decorate each class. The school had the appearance of a shopping haven.

I own a DSLR camera because I make good photos. I had my camera with me at that time. In all honesty, there was joy all around. I therefore took a lot of arbitrary pictures of my mentors, friends, and surroundings.

One of the pictures of my friends was really lovely. That picture is still in my possession, and I have it hanging in my bedroom. Everyone in the photo, including my closest friends, is grinning; no one is showing any signs of sadness.

Everyone appears to be stress-free in the picture. I feel inner complacency every time I view the picture, and it makes me grin. In addition to this, I'm proud of my photo because not everyone enjoys trying to capture everyone's smiles in a single frame.

Overall, I'm most proud of this picture.

Model Answer 2

Well, I love to use a camera to record my memories and I have a strong interest in photography. I want to talk about a picture right now that makes me happy. I traveled to Himachal Pradesh last month to offer my respects at a Hindu shrine. It's a wonderfully lovely hill town. Mani, my best friend, and I went there. We made a halt at the Bombay picnic area on the way back from the temple.

There, when Mani rode a camel, I quickly snapped a photo of him with my iPhone 14 Pro. It's interesting that the photo wasn't planned in advance. Actually, the view from behind him was breathtaking. A stunning sunset could be seen between two mountains. I felt compelled to take images. He was overjoyed when I showed him his photo. In general, he doesn't show much interest in photography, but on that particular day, he liked the image.

because the picture, which featured mountains and a sunset, was taken somewhere else. Additionally, he was complimentary of my photographic abilities. Overall, I'm proud of myself because I'm sick. Overall, I received praise from someone who dislikes taking images. I'm also quite proud of the lovely picture I took. He recently framed that image and hung it in his room.

Model Answer 3

Because I love photography so much and have shot so many pictures with my DSLR in so many different locations, it was difficult to choose which picture to discuss. But in this case, I've decided to discuss a picture that was taken with my phone many years ago while I was visiting Shri Amritsar's Golden Temple to offer my respects.

My family and a select group of friends were with me as I made my first trip to the Golden Temple. Despite the fact that I had a professional camera, it suddenly stopped operating and went out of order. I love taking pictures, as I've previously mentioned, and I've recently started using my iPhone 11. I usually appear in every picture, but this is the one one where I don't. I never enjoy posed shots when I'm in them, so while visiting Temple I requested everyone to strike natural positions.

I think I took about 20 pictures, starting with little foot baths, but the most breathtakingly gorgeous picture was of my parents swimming in the Athlete Pool, also known as the "pond of nectar." To be completely honest, I was happy to see my parents' beautiful smiles when I showed them that particular image. I imagine the fact that it was an unposed, natural photograph is the main reason why I'm proud of it. Oh, I almost forgot to say that because this photo has so many memories for my family and I, I also had it framed and placed in our drawing room. Later, I shared it on Instagram, where it received a ton of likes and praise from my close friends and family.

Part 3:- Follow-up Questions of Describe a photo that you are proud of

1. Why do some people like to use photographs to document important things?

I believe one of the best methods to preserve the memories of the past is through photography. When we look at pictures, we can't help but think back on the people and things that were around at the time. Additionally, pictures are among the best ways to communicate our experiences to others. It's true what they say: a picture speaks a thousand words.

2. What can one learn from photographs taken throughout history?

People can mostly learn about our predecessors' accomplishments and failings from photographs. On the one hand, images are tangible evidence of human creativity and advancement, but on the other, they also reveal where and how we fell short. For instance, images of once-rich forests in locations now occupied by high-rise structures demonstrate our architectural prowess while also demonstrating how we sacrificed our environment to do so.

3. Are photographs the best way to remember something?

That's what I once thought, too. But I recently read an article about how fragrances are far better at helping us recall things. In fact, this is the reason why traditional storytellers would utilize incense sticks and spice bowls.

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