Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education
IELTS Cue Card - Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education

Describe a teacher who has influenced you in your education

You should say:
  • where you met him/her
  • what subject he/she taught
  • what was special about him/her
and explain why this person/teacher has influenced you so much.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Sample Answer 1

The most significant part of the educational system is played by teachers. They serve as the basis for a person's knowledge and learning sources. There were other teachers at my school, but I want to focus on the one that had the biggest impact on me. Her name is Mrs. Rika.

Her advanced degree was in English literature. In ninth and tenth grade, she used to teach English to me. She valued elevated thought and simple life. She was quite knowledgeable in her field. I was greatly influenced by her teaching style. She was highly regarded by every student at the school.

Her disposition was endearing. She was a woman of strong spirit. At the moment, I was very taken by her personality. She was funny and enjoyable. She had a pleasant, gentle voice. In my opinion, she did more than just instruct us on the material; she also inspired us to advance as a whole.

I recently met her at the party and observed that she was as animated and vivacious as ever. Her teaching ability so greatly impressed me that I decided to pursue teaching as a career. I now want to become as competent as a clone of her.

Sample Answer 2

Perhaps the best years of my childhood were spent in school, and I am grateful for the excellent experiences I had there. My teachers were highly skilled professionals who excelled in their fields. Because of how she assisted me in forming my life, I respect and admire them. I want to make a special note to Mrs. Uma, a teacher. She taught computer science to our seventh-grade class and was our teacher.

In those years, Mrs. Uma taught computer science to us in my school, as I recall. She had a wonderful teaching style, thus we were lucky to have her as our instructor. She was a really modest and down to earth individual who used interactive teaching techniques to make the material interesting. Because she would play little games and tell intriguing stories in between lessons, we always paid attention in class and never got bored.

She occasionally used to call off class, take us outside to the lawns, and give us valuable life lessons that assisted us in instilling many moral ideals. She put a lot of work into it and went out of her way to make sure we understood the nuances of the topic. She inspired us to work harder on our academics since she gave each student her whole attention. She was a good listener and constantly encouraged us to come to her with any issues, including those unrelated to our academics. She used to devotedly assist me with my studies when I stayed around after school to take extra classes from her. She is a very kind lady, and I appreciate her for influencing me in such a wonderful way.

Sample Answer 3

A child's life is significantly shaped by their teachers. I feel myself fortunate to have had several excellent professors during my academic career. Mr. Swatantra Gupta was one of the instructors. In class VII, he was our social studies and English instructor. He also instructed us in English in later courses. He was an excellent mentor who showed us all the right path.

At first, we believed he lacked teaching skills, but as time went on, I saw that not only was his approach to instruction distinctive, it was also successful. He used to require everyone to stand up and present the lesson during social science class. After a few months, we realized that he was the reason our pronunciation and speaking manner had improved. At first, we reasoned that he might be too lethargic to talk for himself.

In particular, he used to require me to read the entire lesson while standing up. It was exhausting but also quite exciting. Even more, he encouraged me to participate in several plays and competitions and recommended my name to the principal for the district debating competition.

I believe it was because of his confidence in me that I truly began focusing on my advantages and grew more self-assured.

Sample Answer 4

Teachers typically have a significant impact on our education and aid in our personal development later in life. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss a teacher whose teaching I have always liked and will continue to do so.

This individual was a former business finance professor who I had at my university. Business finance is not an easy subject to learn by any means, and learning advanced business finance makes the difficulty considerably greater. In fact, some of the most mind-blowing material a student may ever encounter is the amount of complexity of the actual math involved with this company finance and finance theory, as well as the business finance disciplines like taxation, accounting, treasury, and foreign currency.

At least, I didn't want to face the task, but since it was a business student's required topic, I was forced to do so. But fortunately, I had a fantastic business finance teacher who made it seem very simple for me. Even though this teacher couldn't really be labeled a senior teacher in terms of his age or amount of teaching experience, it was clear from the method he used to teach the topic that he understood company finance inside and out. But what made him unique was that he had a tremendous amount of tolerance with his pupils, making even ordinary students like us feel like "top class" students. In other words, he was too skilled at motivating students with his wit and methods of instruction.

Anyhow, this teacher had a huge impact on me, largely because he showed me how to maintain my composure and optimism even when circumstances appear hopeless. In addition, this amazing teacher assured me that one need not be among the finest to succeed in life.

Sample Answer 5

We encounter some excellent teachers at various points in our academic careers who help us learn valuable lessons, practical skills for a better job, and guidance on how to become better people. However, we also come across a select extraordinary educators who, in addition to what I've already described, really inspire and impact our educational experiences. I want to talk about one particular teacher who has had a significant impact on my education and career today for this excellent topic.

I first met this instructor in grade 8 at my school. His name is Jonathan Archer. When he was given the responsibility of teaching our computer science classes and lab work in grade 8, I finally got the chance to speak with this teacher, who I had seen quite a few times at our school. In grades eight through twelve, he teaches computer science, mathematics, and physics.

He began attending our computer science class, and I soon realized how excellent a teacher he was. In fact, I would characterize him as a superb instructor who understands how to instruct and motivate his students. He had a great teaching style, and he went into great detail to explain and analyze many parts of computer hardware and software, which is how, even at an early age, I became smitten with programming and creating software. I owe a lot to this tutor who introduced me to programming basics and assisted me in writing my first piece of software.

This guy inspired me to learn programming languages and gave me insight into how complex devices like computers operate. He provided me with advice, motivation, mentorship, and support that allowed me to succeed in computer science classes at school. It inspired me to finish my degree in computer science as well. He inspired me to become a software engineer, and that's how this all started.

Tips for answering this cue card question:

First, describe a professor you recollect well and found to be quite likeable. After that, state his or her name and the class or grade they taught you in. Mention the subject she taught as well as what you took away from her or him. The reasons a teacher can have an impact on a student include the ones listed below, which you can discuss:
  • This teacher's way of teaching is very effective and interesting.
  • He/she has a great personality and leads an exemplary life.
  • He/she tells stories to make the subject and topic interesting.
  • He/she is a famous teacher in your locality who also taught your elder brother, father etc.
  • He/she has a great personality, and because of that, students like him/her very much.
  • He/she is successful in explaining difficult topics in an easy and intuitive way.
  • He/she behaves very politely with all, and never discriminates among students.
  • He/she is brave and speaks the truth no matter how bitter it is.    
  • He/she teaches moral values as well as inspires students to study properly.
  • Apart from teaching, he/she does some social works, creative stuff which is beneficial for others.
  • He/she is a great orator and has an exceptional personality.

Final Words

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