Describe a museum that you have visited - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe a museum that you have visited
IELTS Cue Card - Describe a museum that you have visited

Describe a museum that you have visited

You should say:
  • when you visited the museum
  • describe the museum
  • how you felt after going there
and describe your experience of the visit.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Sample Answer 1

In the distant past, I used to believe that going to a museum was pointless and dull. However, I was forced to reconsider my position after visiting the "...(Your Country Name) National Museum," one of the biggest museums in my nation, about a year ago.

The national museum of...(Your country name) is a multidisciplinary institution that has some exceptional treasures from the history, archaeology, fine arts, and natural history fields. After entering the museums, I could see that the first ten galleries were largely devoted to the natural heritage of my country, with collections of "flora and fauna" like cereals, pulses, and lentils, various insects and birds, herbal medicinal plants, sea life of our country, rare geographic specimens of deer, tigers, and other animals on display. The galleries also feature dioramas of animals such as birds and mammals in their native environments, a gigantic whale sawfish skeleton, as well as several kinds of beehives, butterflies, and reptiles.

In the museum's history and classical art department, you may see items like ancient and medieval coins and various clay wall decorations from medieval buildings. To remind us of our amazing artworks, this museum also displays hand axes, pottery, exquisite stone and bronze sculptures, intriguing antique architectural specimens, ancient inscriptions and coins, manuscripts, historical documents, medals, and miniature paintings.

Anyway, my experience to the museum was multifaceted because it not only taught me a lot of little-known but fascinating facts about my nation, but also inspired me to learn more about some other, usually disregarded, facets of our history and accomplishments. In addition, the trip gave me the chance to speak with a few of my countrymen as well as some foreign guests, who strangely knew a lot more about my own country than I did! Last but not least, going to the museum made me realize that we should always value and remember our past, despite any upheaval, because our "past" failures and successes are what have shaped who we are as a "country" or "community" today.

Possible Answer 2

Many museums, even those in different countries, have been visited by me. Visiting New York City's Holocaust Memorial Museum was one of my favorite museum outings. In 2015, before beginning an exchange program in the United States, I visited the museum. The program's goal of introducing the rich history of the country inspired the inclusion of museum visits in the itinerary.

The museum, in overall, was a rather sizable location in which to take in the exhibits. Because there is so much on display, it has been divided up into distinct areas. A piece of paper that had been in a book that had been destroyed by the Nazis during the war caught my eye. Some novels have made it through the ages and today convey a powerful message to the general public. A glass showcase was fashioned to house the volumes. This astounded me greatly at the moment. Books can be destroyed, but ideas endure.

In addition to displaying artifacts from the past, the museum also serves as a library and bookstore. My attention was drawn to a fantastic book called The Diary of Anne Frank.

The museum itself is a work of architectural marvel, and its exhibits are just as remarkable. It turned out to be a much bigger structure than I had anticipated. Therefore, it is possible to arrange some displays in chronological sequence. The audience was given the opportunity to witness the tragedy of the holocaust and reflect on the vulnerability of humanity in the face of tyranny.

My trip to the museum helped me gain insight and knowledge. Even though I am a citizen of a completely independent country, I was able to connect with the pain of the Holocaust's victims by just visiting a museum. There was a part of me that was disturbed by the museum's emphasis on the brutality of the war, but I forced myself to relax and concentrate on the informative aspects of my trip.

I think I was there for maybe an hour total. I did not plan on exploring the museum on my own. As well as American students, I was joined on my trip to Indonesia by those of that country's neighbor. With my American friends along, I was able to share in the experience by learning from and debating with them on some of the trip's historical highlights. By the time the visit was over, it was time for lunch. I opted to have coffee at a cozy cafe on the museum's ground floor while waiting for the other students who were still seeing the show.

Possible Answer 3

The journey to Himachal Pradesh with my family was among the most memorable of my many travels around India. We went to the Himachal State Museum while in Shimla, the summer capital of Himachal Pradesh. This museum, which was originally the Victorian-era mansion of Lord William Beresford and later became the residence of various Indian government leaders, features extensive lawns across the surrounding area. It wasn't until January 26, 1974, that the mansion was officially transformed into a museum dedicated to the preservation of historical and archaeological items.

In 2016, as part of our research for a larger trip to Himachal Pradesh, we stopped by the museum in the state capital. The museum's exhibits are organized into the Pre-Historic Gallery, the Wood-Carving Gallery, the Wall Painting Gallery, the Archaeology Gallery, and the Numismatic Gallery. The Himachal Archaeological Gallery, the Photographs Gallery, the Bronze Gallery, etc., are but a few of the additional galleries open to the public. Heritage galleries showcase a wide variety of treasures that are in danger of being lost forever, including paintings, coins, pictures, sculptures, army collections, dolls, jewelry, and more. The museum also features a library with more than 9,000 historical and archaeological volumes, journals, and magazines.

I discovered a lot about Himalayan culture and way of life as I explored the many exhibits. What really got my attention, though, was the assortment of ancient artifacts on display, among them stone images from the eighth century. The property and museum are both nicely kept and provide food for thought.

Sample Answer 4

When I was around five or six years old, my parents brought me and my siblings on a trip to London, where we all went to the Natural History Museum. The museum structure was massive, as one might expect given the number of displays within. I recall that there were numerous rooms and that the ceilings were rather high.

The blue whale skeleton on exhibit left quite an impression on me; it was enormous. Growing up, I never would have thought that something that enormous could exist here on Earth. I found it fascinating, and it made me think of the movie Moby Dick, which I had seen years before. After staring at it for quite some time, we decided to go on to other exhibitions and rooms. The dinosaurs were fascinating to me, and I imagine they are fascinating to most kids since they are so different from the animals we usually see. As far as I can recall, we spent the better part of the afternoon wandering from room to room taking everything in.

That trip felt like a major adventure, and I loved every minute of it. I couldn't wait to get there after my dad spent the night before the trip describing some of the sights we'd see. My visit there as a kid was fantastic, and I still think it's a cool spot to check out even if you don't have kids. I spent hours describing my experience to everyone who would listen since I couldn't wait to get back home and tell all my friends what I had seen. I'm sure I bored the pants off of most people, but it got me interested in whales and the animal realm in general. It left an impression on me, and I can say that it piqued my curiosity and appreciation for the outdoors.

Sample Answer 5

We were in London when I was around five or six years old, and my parents took the whole family to the Natural History Museum. The museum building was quite large because there were so many exhibits within. I remember there being a lot of space and tall ceilings.

I was particularly struck by the big blue whale skeleton on display. When I was younger, I never would have imagined that something so massive could exist on our planet. It was fascinating to me, and it reminded me of the movie Moby Dick, which I had seen a long time ago. We stared at it for a while before moving on to the next set of displays and rooms. I found dinosaurs interesting, and I believe that most children do as well, simply because they are so different from the animals we usually encounter. As far as I remember, we spent the majority of the afternoon aimlessly exploring the various exhibits.

I felt like I was on a real adventure and enjoyed every second of the vacation. Dad had spent the night before the trip outlining some of the places we'd visit, and I was so excited to finally see them in person. I had a great time there when I was a kid, and I think it's worth seeing even if you don't have kids of your own. In my eagerness to return home and share my discoveries with everyone I knew, I talked about my trip for hours to anybody who would listen. I'm sure I put most people to sleep, but learning more about whales and other animals piqued my attention. It made an impression on me, and I can honestly say that it inspired me to learn more about and enjoy nature.

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  3. Describe a place where you would like to go.
  4. Describe an interesting place you have visited.

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