Describe a hotel you have stayed in - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe a hotel you have stayed in
IELTS Cue Card - Describe a hotel you have stayed in

Describe a hotel you have stayed in

You should say:
  • where the hotel was
  • why you stayed at that particular hotel
  • give details of the hotel and the view from it
and explain what makes the hotel special.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Sample Answer 1

Traveling to interesting areas during the holidays is unquestionably beneficial. But spending a night at a luxury hotel after a terrific outdoor holiday experience is much better, and now I'd like to tell about my experience staying at one such hotel.

The hotel in question was in the area of "Langkawi," which was approximately 30 kilometers off the mainland coast of northeastern Malaysia. I stayed at the hotel a few years ago when I went to view the magnificent Andaman Sea islands, primarily because the hotel offered us with complimentary transportation to the surrounding places. It was a Marriott family premium hotel with luxury rooms that had contemporary and fine dark wood elements that were tastefully placed against locally painted images of lovely nature on the walls. There was also enough of seating in the rooms to enjoy the 32" LCD flat-panel televisions with DVD players, as well as a fully supplied mini-bar and a coffee maker.

And the views from the hotel were simply spectacular, as I could see the gorgeous and ancient rainforest, the Mat Chincang Mountains, and the beaches of the Andaman Sea as if they had been painted in a picture. Not to add the abundance of creatures in the jungle to entertain us by playing "hide and seek."

The hotel was certainly unusual because of its unique location, from which it was so simple to watch the magnificent and lovely nature without ever leaving it. Another plus for this hotel was that I didn't have to spend a "truckload" of money to remain there. Furthermore, I don't believe that many hotels in the globe provide free transportation to their prized customers on a daily basis so that they can visit interesting areas nearby. Finally, it would be an injustice not to highlight the amazing customer service provided by the hotel employees, who treated us as if we were their own family.

Sample Answer 2

We frequently travel on vacation and stay in hotels during this time. We usually book inexpensive hotels, but I'd like to relate my experience staying in a luxury hotel, which was a four-star Holiday Inn. Actually, we travelled to Manali last summer to escape the heat of the plains.

We booked this hotel online and received it at a very affordable price. We reserved a suite so that all four of us could stay together. The Holiday Inn is a river view hotel, and from the hotel room, one can see the raging river, which is quite breathtaking.

It is a big hotel with hundreds of rooms, and the interiors left us speechless. Aside from excellent rooms, this hotel provided various amenities for guests, such as a swimming pool where we had a lot of fun together. There was also a gaming room, where my brother and I had our first game of table tent.

The meal was the greatest part of our stay at this hotel. We tried a few international dishes at a multi-cuisine restaurant. We ate to our hearts' content because the meal was so good. I consider myself fortunate because they host the great Punjabi musician Guru Randhawa. He was staying in the same hotel as well.

So I was able to take a selfie with him and also acquire his autograph. This made our stay at the hotel memorable. Overall, my time at this hotel was memorable, and I would like to return.

Sample Answer 3

The hotel I'm referring to is only 2 kilometers from Manali and has an open garden setting with distinct tiny wooden huts by the riverbed.

I went there with some pals around a month ago. I went there to celebrate a friend's birthday and also to explore Manali. It was snowing at the time, and the wooden cottages were completely covered in snow. Furthermore, each cottage is located on the riverbank, making the entire picture completely idyllic.

The hotel had a total of 20 villas and a large garden in the center. On either side of the garden, there were ten cottages. There was a large hall on the backside with the dining area, guest lounge, and an interior heated pool. For sitting, there were little wooden tables and chairs put up along the riverbank. The cottage where I stayed was quite comfortable. It has a comfortable circular bed and paintings on all of its hardwood walls. The bath included a large tub, and the entire area was a joy to behold.

The entire experience of staying at the hotel was exceptional. Not only did it provide me with a breathtaking view, but the meal I was provided was also superb. I had never had the opportunity to stay in such a beautiful location before. I'm looking forward to returning with my family and showing them about the lovely place very soon.

Sample Answer 4

I've been to a lot of tourist spots and stayed in a lot of hotels, both for business and pleasure. However, I'd like to tell you about the best hotel I've ever stayed in. The hotel is called the Western Hotel, and it is in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh, which is a tourist city.

I went there to take part in a seminar that my university and a few non-governmental organizations put on together. The Western Hotel is one of the nicest hotels. It has a swimming pool, tennis court, gym, and other modern amenities. Most of the modern conveniences for hotel guests were put together at the hotel. The services were good, and the system for putting people up seemed to be one of the best. Most of the people who stay at the hotel are tourists from different countries.

I went there with some of my college friends to take part in a seminar about the "Tourism Business of Bangladesh." As part of this program, students from all over Bangladesh were asked to come. The meeting was held in the hall room of the hotel. And the atmosphere in the hall room was really great. To be honest, they did a great job decorating this room. I especially liked their big, beautiful paintings that hung on the walls.

I stayed in this hotel for about a week. I liked that they had such great facilities. First, the whole building is connected to Wi-Fi, so I was able to use the internet for free. Also, the food at the hotel was really good. They had a wide range of traditional and continental foods. But I ate our local food most of the time because it was interesting to me. The services I got from the trained staff were outstanding. In fact, it's a three-star hotel, so I was worried about the price at first, but when I got there, all my worries went away. I liked staying at this hotel, and I'd like to go back.

Sample Answer 5

When I went to India two years ago, I stayed at the Westin hotel. My office set up for me to stay at the Westin during a business trip to Pune, India. My office set up our stay at this hotel, which was the main reason why I was there. But that was a really cool thing to do. Westin is a well-known hotel chain, and I've had great service there in our country, so I was excited to stay at a Westin in Pune.

The hotel has a unique location in the beautiful Koregaon Park on the banks of the Mula Mutha River. It is only five kilometers from the airport. Westin is also close to Magarpatta and Hadapsar, both of which are hotspots for information technology. About 25 kilometers from this hotel are industrial parks. The rooms are designed in a subtle way that makes it easy to stay there. The hotel has club rooms, a beautiful spa, a gym, a meeting room, and an upscale restaurant. The rooms have soft, comfortable beds and a great view of the Mula Mutha River and its green surroundings.

The Westin is a well-known hotel chain that gives its guests special treatment. The hotel is different because of the view, the stay, the food, and the facilities.

Tips for answering this cue card topic:

For a topic like this, real-life experiences will help you describe it in a more vivid way. If the name and location are shared, a real hotel experience should be described with real facts about the place. There are many reasons to go to a hotel, such as going on a vacation or holiday, getting a company to pay for the trip, going to a foreign country, or just wanting a change of pace.

Besides the four points listed above, you can also talk about the food, the area around the hotel, any special features in the room, or anything else that made it different from other hotels. A unique feature or trait will make the description more interesting and catchy.

Describe the following information to answer this cue card correctly:

  1. Name and location of the hotel. If this is a 4-star/5-star hotel, mention that as well.
  2. Specify the reason you stayed there.
  3. How long you stayed there.
  4. What type of room you stayed in and the facilities you got from the hotel.
  5. Mention if this was the first time you stayed there or went there before.
  6. Say if you have stayed there on your own choice or because the trip planner, office authority arranged that.
  7. Give some interior and exterior description as well as the surrounding of the hotel.
  8. There must be some distinctive points and things about the hotel; mention those. For instance: the food was delicious, the cost was very reasonable, they offered some free services, the location was excellent, the staffs were very cordial etc.

If you can answer this cue card topic, you should also be able to answer the following topics:

  1. Describe a building that attracted you.
  2. Describe a tour you have taken.
  3. Describe a hotel which you like.
  4. Talk about a hotel in your city that you would recommend to others.
  5. Describe a hotel you often go to. 

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