IELTS Cue Card Example and Sample Answer

IELTS Cue Card Example and Sample Answer
IELTS Cue Card Example and Sample Answer

During the IELTS exam, you will be provided with a cue card, also known as a task card, with 3 to 4 questions and instructions on how to respond to the questions. You will not have the chance to amend the question; you must talk on the subject specified on the cue card. However, you will have one minute to consider your response. You will also be provided with a pencil and paper, so if you are unable to recall the points you have prepared in the allotted minute, you can write them down on the provided paper.

In the IELTS Speaking test, you will have exactly one minute to prepare to speak on a specific topic, which is referred to as the IELTS Cue card or Candidate Task Card. The instructions for your speech are printed on a card that the examiner hands to you. Your speech should continue roughly two minutes, or until the examiner instructs you to stop. At the conclusion, the examiner will ask one or two questions. The cue card/candidate task card distribution takes three to four minutes, including one minute of setup time.

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List of Cue Card Topics

Here we provide some topics that usually appear in the IELTS Test along with Examples and Models to answer the IELTS Cue Card Speaking Test

IELTS Cue Card Example

These are a few of the most recent IELTS speaking cue cards. Your examiner may ask these questions in a variety of ways, so be cautious. We cannot guarantee that it will be included in your IELTS, but we hope it will be a part of your IELTS speaking module, and even if it is not, you will be more confident in your IELTS speaking after practicing it.

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