Describing a Newspaper or a Magazine - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describing a Newspaper or a Magazine
IELTS Cue Card - Describing a Newspaper or a Magazine

Describing a Newspaper or a Magazine

You should say:
  • what it is and why you read it
  • what are the benefits of reading a newspaper or a magazine
  • how often you read it and what types of reports it contains
and explain why do you like to read this newspaper or magazine.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Follow-up Questions:
  • What do you think are the important qualities for a news reporter?
  • What's the main difference between a newspaper and a magazine?
  • What’s the function of a report to the society?
  • What kinds of books/newspapers/magazines do adolescents read in your country?
  • With the popularity of the Internet, do you think newspapers and magazines will disappear?

Sample Answer 1

Although I rarely read periodicals these days, I do subscribe to and like reading Vietraveler, a monthly dedicated to travel.

The magazine has everything we need to know to plan a vacation, from reviews of popular tourist spots to advice on how to cut costs and pack light. In addition, the magazine's back page features coupons good for discounts on select domestic tours offered by travel agencies.

When a new issue is out, I always have it mailed to me. I've been a subscriber for about five years now, and I plan to keep reading this publication. Since everything in it is so well-organized, I never have any trouble tracking out the specific pieces that pique my attention. Moreover, I value the journal for the high caliber of its articles. Glossy photographs and excellent reporting are only two of its many appealing aspects.

I want to close by saying that this is the magazine I turn to most often when trying to figure out where to go or what to tell my friends to do for a vacation.

Sample Answer 2

There is a wide selection of periodicals in Australia. The vast majority of periodicals focus on commercial and leisure interests, including the arts, popular culture, lifestyle, travel, and business. Of all the weekly magazines out there, Woman's Day is my favorite. There are hard copies and an electronic version to choose from.

Only in this publication do I find such in-depth coverage. There is a lack of depth and poor print quality in competing periodicals. Since I have a subscription to Woman's Day, I generally stay away from such publications. This is a fantastic pop culture magazine that fills my informational needs on local and international celebrities, cuisine, fashion, lifestyle, diet, food, and more.

Compared to other modern periodicals, this one's copies come in quite cheap. It used to cost less per issue than the current price of $4.20 AUD. In terms of value, however, it competes head-to-head with the top papers and studies on the market. Photos in the magazine look authentic, and in the case of famous people, they are assuredly taken with their consent. Even if the magazine's subscription rate increases, I intend to keep reading it.

This magazine is one of my weekly must-reads. Since I'm always busy with work, I only get to read the magazine on vacation. But I always make time to read the magazine before bedtime or later in the evening. The day the magazine is delivered to my house is the first day I read it, and I usually finish it within two or three days. Every week on Sunday, I spend close to an hour poring over the most recent issues of the magazine. However, if I need to know the most recent facts or anything else, I check their official website.

Woman's Day seems like it would be a lot of fun, therefore I enjoy reading it. Although I don't have much time to read, I enjoy this entertainment magazine since it satisfies my curiosity about media gossip. When compared to other popular magazines, the content of this one doesn't skew the truth. In addition, this magazine offers a more affordable subscription rate. The recipes-related articles are some of my favorites on the site. Reading the recipes has given me the confidence to try new things in the kitchen. Further, the Real Life section offers practical wisdom, and I've put some of the advice there to good use in my own life.

Sample Answer 3

As far back as I can remember, I've always had a strong preference for fictional works. My only request to my parents was that they buy me storybooks and magazines, especially while we were traveling. I still subscribe to several of the more well-known ones, Reader's Digest being one of them.

While the United States edition of Reader's Digest initially appeared in 1922 and was immediately made available in India, the first Indian edition was not published until January 1954 by the British subsidiary of Reader's Digest. Since then, although initially selling for only Rs. 1.50, its circulation has grown significantly. The India Today group, which includes India Today, boasts an audience of 100 million people per month. Through a unique blend of mystery fiction, adventure stories, stories about "ordinary heroes," puzzles, etc., the editorial message hopes to educate, enrich, inspire, and delight its devoted readership.

I appreciate that the editors and writers don't lose sight of the fact that we all have to deal with a difficult world every day, even if they do provide funny cartoons and other distractions. Therefore, the journal has gained acclaim for featuring inspiring, true-life narratives. People need to remain grounded in reality while laughing it up every once in a while, so I hope it stays one of the world's most sought-after publications (now available in 48 versions and 19 languages) for a long time to come.

Sample Answer 4

The newspaper is something I read on a daily basis, and I also occasionally buy or borrow magazines to read. I'd like to tell you about a magazine that I subscribe to on a regular basis since I find it quite interesting. PC World is a monthly international computer magazine published by IDG in the United States. It provides recommendations for PCs and accessories, the Internet, and other consumer technologies. Every issue of PC World has reviews and comparisons of the latest hardware and software releases from dozens of different companies, as well as coverage of other tech products like cameras, stereos, and televisions.

For the past half a decade or so, I've been a regular reader of this publication. People interested in computers, other tech gadgets, software, and IT-related news and updates will find this to be of particular interest. I am a graduate student in computer science and engineering who is always eager to take in new information. Great reviews of hardware and software, as well as advanced computer advice and other helpful pieces, can be found in this publication.

It is impossible to acquire too much knowledge without first reading a newspaper or magazine. Newspapers are a reliable source for up-to-date information on current events in a variety of fields, including politics, business, science, sports, and the arts. You can't stay current on news and opinions from around the world without regularly reading newspapers and publications. Every month I buy PC World and read it cover to cover in approximately a week. If I'm looking for a specific review or story, I'll often read back issues. All levels of computer users and enthusiasts, from novices to veterans, will find something of interest in this publication. Anyone interested in learning more about their computer's hardware and software should read it. It's also a good read for anyone in the market for a new computer, printer, camera, scanner, software, or any other kind of hardware. The time I spend reading it is very rewarding to me.

Sample Answer 5

After newspapers, magazines have the largest readership of all print publications. These vibrant magazines are typically published on a weekly or monthly basis. The daily news is replaced in magazines by articles, trivia, facts, blog entries, stories, and other such content. I find magazines fascinating because of the wide range of topics covered and the in-depth articles they typically feature.

Reader's Digest, a monthly publication, is my go-to reading material. This slim publication features excellent, well-considered pieces on a wide range of themes, including current affairs, business challenges, in-depth interviews with notable thinkers, and more. This widely distributed tome contains not just a wealth of information but also fiction, factoids, games, and other bits of trivia. Reading the stories always piques my curiosity after I've finished the articles. During my free time, I enjoy challenging myself mentally with fun games like crossword puzzles.

Blogs on topics such as health, humor, personality growth, opinions, and quotes also make up the site's other material. I look forward to reading this magazine every month because of all the interesting articles and blogs that are collected in one location. This publication is great because it caters to families and has articles that interest all ages. Not only does it help me unwind whenever it's most convenient for me, but it also provides a welcome diversion from my often frantic daily schedule and chronic tardiness.

Final Words

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