Describe your favourite food item - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe your favourite food item
IELTS Cue Card - Describe your favourite food item

Describe your favourite food item

You should say:
  • what dish or food item it is
  • how it is prepared or cooked
  • how common this food item or dish is
and explain why it is your favourite dish/food item.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Model Answer 1

It is difficult for me to pick a single favorite type of food because I adore food! I can think of anything, though, that I enjoy occasionally treating myself to as a special treat.

The menu is really basic. Although some claim it has Egyptian roots, I've always regarded of it as a Greek specialty. Houmous is this food, and I adore it. The dish is spelled differently in American English—they refer to it as hummus—and is spelled differently in British English—we use a 'O' and a 'U' rather than just a 'U'—but the recipe is the same in both languages.

The main ingredients are cooked, mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and garlic. Even though I'm quite picky about the kind I buy, it is very popular with me. It is popular in the Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), and in Middle Eastern cuisine all over the world.

He is Italian and she is vintage Yorkshire, and they run a great delicatessen close to where I reside. They always use the highest quality virgin olive oil and the best fresh garlic they can find while making their own houmous. Although it is rather pricey, I adore it. It shouldn't be that difficult to make, yet for some reason it is better than my own attempts.

Why am I drawn to it? I love garlic, and I suppose it has something to do with both the texture and the flavor. Additionally, it is a really healthy cuisine with a lot of protein and good-for-you fats, and I am a vegetarian. Obviously, there is such a thing as too much good, but in my opinion, it's well worth it.

Not only is it very wonderful, but you can share it with others, which makes it my favorite cuisine. With friends, it tastes best when eaten as a dip. I carefully sliced a bunch of carrots, cucumbers, and celery into crudités to create a colorful plate, possibly with some warm pita bread slices as well. A beautiful white wine bottle is helpful. Then we can all sit down and enjoy the flavorful hummus dip while drinking our glasses of wine, giggling, and chatting to set the world right. It's a wonderful way to indulge in a delicious culinary item.

Model Answer 2

I appreciate you providing me with such a fascinating cue card topic. I enjoy spicy meals a lot. My daily meal consists of one hot cuisine item. Pizza, burgers, and other hot dishes are readily accessible. But I'd prefer a vegetarian meal. Rolls. I love it the most out of everything. I'd like to share a brief description of it with you.

In our city, there is a store that is renowned solely for its vegetarian rolls. Their vegetarian rolls are my favorite. Usually, 2-3 days a week, my buddies and I visit there. They make vegetable rolls in such an awesome style. They offer a variety of flavors in their vegetarian rolls. Everyone enjoys it and returns to have it time and time again because of the delightful blend of cheese and many varieties of slop.

Nearly all of my friends enjoy these vegetarian buns because of their nostalgic flavor. Even so, there was a birthday celebration for everyone of our friends. Additionally, they provide a variety of vegetarian options. buns including red pepper, cheese, and other vegetables.

All of my pals and I enjoy eating it. It has become everyone's primary source of food. Going there relieves us of any burdens we may be carrying because the food there takes us into people's dreams. After eating it once, very few people, in my opinion, continue to ignore it.

Model Answer 3

I enjoy eating, and who doesn't? Naturally though, not everyone enjoys the same cuisine. For instance, while some people love fish, many others can't stand the scent of it! While many people simply avoid them like the plague for various health reasons, some people may love fast food!

Speaking of quick food, I absolutely adore pizza. In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, pizza has been one of my favorite foods since I was in my first year of college. During those years, not a week went by when I didn't consume at least two or three pizzas. Naturally, I don't consume them as frequently as I did when I was younger, but I still want to take advantage of them whenever I can without jeopardizing my heart and stomach's health.

By the way, in the country where I currently reside, pizzas have, like many other fast food items, gained popularity recently, particularly in and around the major cities where, for the most part, young people throng the fast food outlets in droves each day to sample the freshly made pizzas made of yeast dough and topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and a variety of other ingredients.

To make this pizza, one must first prepare a 10-inch pizza crust, which is just a flat, round piece of bread (25 cm in diameter). The crust is then uniformly filled with cheese, tomato sauce, and a variety of toppings (such as meat, olives, onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms, according on one's taste and preferences), and heated in an oven for roughly 20 to 30 minutes.

Anyway, pizza is one of my favorite foods, especially because it satisfies my appetite with a divine flavor. I enjoy this dish since I can eat it either hot or cold, whether I'm working hard or commuting. After all, pizza is a meal suitable for every day and occasion.

Model Answer 4

I enjoy eating a variety of different foods, some of which are favorites. While some of these foods have traditional recipes and cooking techniques, others don't. However, I would like to discuss a dish that is prepared traditionally today.

"Hilsha fish curry" is the name of one of my favorite dishes. One of the most well-known traditional Bangladeshi foods is the Hilsa (or Ilish) curry, which is produced from the Hilsa fish, which is the national dish of Bangladesh. Every component of the Hilsa fish, including the head and the eggs, is frequently consumed in Bangladesh. In actuality, nothing is wasted because every portion of this fish has a special dish to offer. Fish head curries and fish egg dishes are both highly regarded throughout the nation.

Although they have their own Hilsha fish to fry, several regions of India also enjoy a lot of popularity for this particular cuisine item. In fact, the export of this delectable fish from Bangladesh is occasionally a source of income for Indians. Anyway, Hilsa fish, salt, turmeric powder, black cumin seeds, green chilies, mustard oil, and water are the components required to make this dish. Depending on the flavor one really desires, mustard oil and black cumin seeds are also important in the creation of this dish. The Hilsha fish must first be marinated in a mixture made of turmeric and chillies before being cooked slowly over a low fire and served with mustard gravy and steaming rice. The outcome is a blend of sweet and sour flavors with a scorching heat.

Anyway, Hilsa curry is my favorite dish because it is hearty, flavorful, and simple to prepare. Additionally, it is easily accessible around the nation, particularly during the rainy season. Last but not least, it is my favorite because it is the only true "Bengali" curry that can be served at any time.

Model Answer 5

Fried rice, veggies, chicken curry, and salad are some of my favorite foods. In fact, this is the most widely consumed dish in our nation, both inside and outside the home. When I go to one of my favorite diners or restaurants, I frequently eat this dish.

This dish is made by first boiling the rice in water for around 25 minutes, followed by frying it with certain veggies, herbs, onions, and olive oil. Finally, the salad is made using various seasonal fruits and vegetables. The chicken curry is made separately using some local spices and poultry. Following that, mustard is added to the chopped fruits and vegetables. Then all three of these dishes are served at once. This menu is wonderful.

At least twice or three times a week, I consume this dish. This dinner is made at our house, though I occasionally eat it elsewhere as well. There are some differences in the ingredients used to produce this meal as well as how it is made. In terms of making and serving this dish, various establishments have their unique specialties.

I love this food for a variety of reasons. First off, it is really tasty, flavorful, and healthful. The second reason I frequently eat from this menu is that it satisfies the requirement for various nutritional values that our bodies require. Another reason why many people adore ordering it is because it is readily available in the majority of our nation. Furthermore, preparing this dish doesn't take much work, so we can easily make it at home. This makes it my favorite dish for all these reasons.

Two-way discussion:

Q. Tell me about the types of food that people eat in your country.
Q. How are the eating habits of people now in your country different from their eating habits in the past?
Q. How healthy is your country’s food?
Q. Why do you think different cultures have different table manners?
Q. How may eating habits change in the coming decades?
Q. How has technology changed the way we prepare our food these days?

Q. Tell me about the types of food that people eat in your country.
Answer : In my nation, whether eating at home or in some restaurants, the bulk of the population is unduly dependent on rice and curries—curries that are typically prepared with fish and vegetables. Of course, a growing number of people nowadays are developing eating habits that include both traditional dishes and "foreign cuisines," primarily Chinese and other oriental varieties. In addition, people in my nation like eating a variety of fruits, both those that are domestically grown and those that are imported.

In the last ten years, fast food has become incredibly popular, especially among small children.

Q. How are the eating habits of people now in your country different from their eating habits in the past?
Answer: The majority of people's eating patterns haven't changed all that much since the past, if at all. But when it comes to the remainder of the population, particularly those from wealthy nations with higher incomes, they appear to have developed a preference for eating out rather than at home, perhaps as a result of their busy schedules. Additionally, we can observe that in recent years, a trend for international cuisine has been more pronounced than it was even ten or so years ago. Additionally, small toddlers who are crazy about consuming those fast food items have grown very famous. Finally, thanks to technology, people may now use websites and apps to order food while they are at home.

Q. How healthy is your country’s food?
Answer: We may reasonably assume that the foods in my nation are generally healthier if we compare them to those in many other countries, particularly those in the west. By the way, when I say "healthier," I intend to imply that a very small proportion of the population in my nation is fat, just like in many other nations. In addition, not many people in my nation rely heavily on red meats, which have the potential to lead to a variety of health issues, to meet their daily protein requirements. We luckily consume very little oil or butter, which helps prevent cardiac ailments.

Q. Why do you think different cultures have different table manners?
Answer: People from different cultures consume different foods, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and textures, so it stands to reason that they would behave differently at the dinner table. Regardless of the culture one comes from, it also comes down to personal preference and comfort. For instance, if someone wants to enjoy the lovely summer day outside as well, they may carry a bottle of cranberry apple juice and sip from it rather than remaining seated at a table. It's also possible that our cultures differ from one another in several important ways, including how we behave at meals. Because of this, "burping" while eating may be considered normal in some cultures but inappropriate in others.

Q. How may eating habits change in the coming decades?
Answer: The word "eating habits" is actually quite broad because it encompasses a wide range of things, including what we eat and why. In fact, I believe that technological advancements, particularly in the area of food, increase the likelihood that we will begin consuming a variety of foods that we previously believed to be unhealthy. Similar to this, we will likely stop eating some of the foods we enjoy in the coming decades due to the discovery of new facts and statistics with the aid of cutting-edge technologies. But one thing is certain: thanks to technological innovation, we will have a wide variety of options when ordering food.

Q. How has technology changed the way we prepare our food these days?
Answer: Technology has undoubtedly altered a variety of our daily activities, including, of course, how we cook meals. We can almost instantaneously learn about our favorite recipes so that we can prepare our favorite foods thanks to new technology like TV and the internet. Second, technology has made it possible for us to have a wide variety of high-end kitchen appliances, such as electric grills and ovens, which may actually help us prepare food in a lot less time and with a lot less effort. Perhaps in the past, few people dared to experiment outside of what they were already proficient in, but nowadays, many people cook foreign and exotic foods at home.

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