Describe a useful website you have visited - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe a useful website you have visited
IELTS Cue Card - Describe a useful website you have visited

Describe a useful website you have visited

You should say:
  • what type of website it is
  • how often you visit this website
  • what services or information it offers
and explain why you think this website is useful. 

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Model Answer 1

The era of technology is now. Websites are the gateway to the enormous virtual world, which is one of the major components of technology. I looked at

In essence, YouTube is a platform for sharing videos, where users typically submit a variety of videos. YouTube is a global website with its headquarters in California. Visitors to the website could share a wide range of fun video clips for free, as well as see video music, movie trailers, dramas, serials, and occasionally even full-length motion pictures. They are not required to pay anything in order to use the website. The digital juggernaut Google acquired it in 2006, more than 1.5 billion US dollars after its founding in 2005. On the website, users can submit, share, comment on, and rate videos. The website is currently utilized for video blogging as well. Although majority of the video clips on this website are submitted by individual projects, numerous organizations also use it for their video content.

I routinely check the website throughout the day, albeit there are no precise data available. For me, and I believe this is true for everyone who is familiar with the internet, there are no set hours or schedules for visiting the site. When I'm at home, I typically use my personal computer to visit the website. When I need to visit during business hours, I use the company laptop, but I've also been known to peruse websites on my phone while I'm on the go. In essence, I use the website's ability to surf from anywhere. I surf the internet and do my work using all of the platforms that are provided (mostly enjoying songs).

A large variety of services are available on YouTube, most of which are connected to videos. For instance, you have a great voice but no audience or familiarity. Okay. You could use the camera on your cell phone to record a video, then post the finished product on YouTube. If the video complies with YouTube's rules, the authority will publish it online. If it is flawless, millions of people will watch, enjoy, and share it, which will make you famous. Additionally, if necessary, one can download the required and accessible videos. There are no extra fees or hidden costs associated with watching any of the videos on YouTube. The majority of its income comes from the website's adverts. Because there are more visits, advertisers pay YouTube to promote their particular items.

For a number of reasons, this website is incredibly helpful. The free feature is the most significant aspect. In order to live our daily lives, we need some films and information, and it would be hard for us to purchase all of the information. However, we can only access the information in this case by looking at the website. Additionally, this is a distinctive platform for sharing and enjoying videos. Videos of practically any kind, whether amusing or instructive, are available. Most people use the internet to watch the newest video songs, learn about the newest movie trailers, and pass their free time watching drama, movies, and video songs, among other things. The majority of the time, the video content is beneficial to the viewers in many ways and may be used for a variety of purposes. Just one instance, please. A real murder incident has been recorded and uploaded to YouTube; as a result, the video clip could be utilized as visual proof to prove the murder and apprehend the perpetrators.

Model Answer 2

For my college tasks, I frequently need to know about DIY tips and tactics. Therefore, I frequently turn to This is a pretty unique website that offers all the required and most recent tips and techniques regarding the things that one should do. I appreciate you asking such a fantastic question, and I agree that it is definitely a terrific question.

This website is intended for those who prefer to handle things on their own. In actuality, it is far better to handle things on your own rather than hiring outside help. People can use it to save time and money. Additionally, when jobs are completed on a do-it-yourself basis, they are flawless and may be modified to suit your needs.

I frequently check the webpage. And before the assignments, I really need it. I am in Paris pursuing my graduation as an architectural student. I frequently receive a large number of assignments to give to the class. In reality, same question is also posed to the other students in my class. And I use the assistance of this website to prepare the stuff. This website offers tools that allow users to complete tasks independently. Yes, you can get things from outside sources, but they won't be as good as if you do them yourself. The website is consistently updated with the most recent items and knowledge that I may use for my homework and study.

The website focuses exclusively on DIY (Do It Yourself) problems. This site offers almost all DIY advice. You can use it to help you make stuff for personal use. For example, if you study at home at night, you'll need a table lamp. However, you are unable to find the ideal item for you and you do not like the current models. You can thus create a table light for yourself. The website will provide you instructions on how to create a table lamp, including what supplies you'll need, how to cut the pieces, and how to assemble it. Additionally, it offers the consumers a wide range of other services. The website offers its customers numerous benefits.

This website is beneficial to me for a variety of reasons. I've used inspiration from this website to finish all of my tasks. In truth, I never would have gotten through my exam hurdles without the direct assistance of this website. I have also created a lot of things for daily use. I translated the concept into reality using the information from the website. I was finally pleased with the results. These factors lead me to believe that everyone can actually benefit from this website.

Model Answer 3

First of all, many thanks for excellent topic card. I'm going to discuss about a website that I commonly use called It is the most well-known and frequently used search engine in the world, and I must frequently visit it because I frequently work online. Since I can access any data or information on this internet so rapidly, I rely entirely on it.

When Larry Page and Sergey Brin were pursuing their doctorates at Stanford University in California in 1998, Google was created. It is essentially a search engine and gets users results. They created to make it easier for internet users to use the search engine. Thus, Google is fundamentally a business, a search engine, and a website. Nearly all of the results are relevant, and Google is always striving to provide users the best results possible. With more than 3 billion searches each day, they are the most viewed website and have thus far been unchallenged in doing so.

Given that it is accessible in more than 120 languages and has more than 4.5 billion active users, Google is incredibly well-liked all over the world. Unfortunately, several nations, including Iran and China, have stopped it. The search results are shown in a very professional and straightforward manner, yet they are A-one. It is capable of producing outcomes in a split second.

It's difficult for me to remember the precise day when I first discovered this website. I can only say that I have been using this website since I first learned how to use a computer, which is the best I can say. Since then, this website has undergone multiple modifications, the majority of which use an algorithm to determine the search results.

It is incredibly unrealistic to imagine the modern world without this website. Anyone using a computer to work online is either directly or indirectly involved. To us, it serves as a lifeline. Its search results delivery reliability is unparalleled. Personally, I like it for the timely work it completes, which consistently meets my needs. Google is my best friend if I have a problem that can be resolved online. I depend on it for everything from studying to making appointments. It is my all-time favorite website because of this. God alone knows how I would complete so many tasks in such a short period of time if this website didn't exist. I agree that without Google, my life would become disorganized.

About Google, that is.

Model Answer 4

Well. I frequently browse a number of websites, such as,, and However, I'd want to focus on the website that I always open when using the internet, which is none other than The best search engine on the internet is this one. Almost anything you wish to look for can be found.

It is really difficult for me to remember when I first accessed this website. All I can recall is that I used to visit cybercaf├ęs to find any information for the school project. I was shown how to use the Google search engine by the cafe's administrator. I would claim that this website had a significant role in helping me finish my assignments throughout my academic career.

In terms of how often I use this site, I always open the website first when I access the internet. As a software engineer, searching for information and resolving problems are normal tasks required by my job. In truth, I have my internet browser's home page set to In other words, the default web page that must open whenever I open the browser or a new tab is There are a number of benefits to using this site, including the ability to search not only web information but also photographs, video, and geographic locations. Another justification is that it allows consumers to view advertisements that are closely relevant to their interests.

Overall, I can state that I will continue to use this website without exclusions in the future.

Model Answer 5

YouTube, a video-streaming site that is popular all over the world, is the most helpful website I am familiar with. There are many videos covering a wide range of interests; hence, everybody can find something of interest.

YouTube has evolved from a repository for goofy cat videos and short clips to a legitimate platform for good content, and that's a big plus. Some content creators on YouTube are able to achieve such high production values that their videos might easily pass for legitimate television. Many of these videos likely now have more views than traditional television programs.

In reshaping the production and distribution of media, YouTube has revolutionized the entire planet. Virtually everyone, regardless of location, may now access a vast library of previously unavailable data. As someone who enjoys taking and editing photographs, I find myself frequenting YouTube for tutorials on various photographic and photo-editing processes. I am able to network with skilled photographers all across the world, and what's more significant is that they can now turn their knowledge into a viable source of income. Since starting a YouTube channel and sharing their passion with the world, many people have found great success in their chosen fields.

YouTube is helpful to me because of how quickly and easily I can learn new topics on the platform. It's more than simply a camera. I can certainly find a video online that will show me how to prepare whatever I'm trying to cook for supper, even if I have no prior experience with it. Wow, that's great; that's why YouTube is the best website ever.

Tips for answering this Cue Card question:

Choose a well-known and frequently visited website. You may say something like, "This is not a very popular website, but I visit it for this specific purpose," if you want to bring up a site that isn't widely recognized. You are free to select any website you like, be it a social networking site, an email service, a news outlet, a website you maintain and frequent, the website of your college or workplace, a website you helped create, or a website like Wikipedia that you frequently update. Do not provide any false information if you choose a well-known website. If the examiner is also a user of the website you are misrepresenting, like Google, Yahoo, or Facebook, that raises red flags.

Even if the question requires you to describe the website in depth, you shouldn't stress if you don't know everything about it. Just leave off the sections that ask for details you are unsure of, such as the website's owner, launch year, or technical details, rather than making anything up. You can zero in on the services provided to visitors and the tasks accomplished with the website's aid. Here's an example:

Social Networking Websites:
  • Most of my friends are also connected to this website/ social network and I get their updates.
  • I can publish my updates and let my friends know about it.
  • It helps me find my old friends.
  • It offers me to use third-party applications and let me play games.
  • I can share my images and videos.
  • It helps me find out information related to my education/ job.
  • It offers a platform for chatting with my friends.
Email Service providers:
  • I send emails from this website.
  • I check the emails I receive.
  • I can send attachments.
  • It has a good spam filter service.
Wikipedia like Website:
  • Helps me find reliable and details information on various topics.
  • Loads faster and has a subscription option.
  • I can contribute to this website to update the information.
  • Most of the topics are covered and you can get almost all of the information you need.
News Websites:
  • Provides updated and latest news.
  • Both local and international news is served.
  • Has an email notification service.
  • Gives sports news and events details.
  • Offers interesting supplementary and magazines.
  • News presentation is outstanding and sources are very reliable.
  • Covers last-minute news as well.

Final Word

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