Describe someone in your family - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe someone in your family
IELTS Cue Card - Describe someone in your family

Describe someone in your family who you really like or admire

You should say:
  • how this person is related to you
  • what this person looks like
  • what kind of person he/she is
and explain why you like this person.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Model Answer 1

I am fortunate to have a wonderful family with whom all of our members have a strong bond. But mothers are always special, so I'll go ahead and mention my mother as someone I admire here.

Anyway, I'm not sure when I started calling her "Mum," but I remember missing her or looking for her whenever she was away from me, whether she was going out for some important work or just doing her house choirs. However, as I grew older, I realized that my adoring mother would never abandon me. Indeed, as I grew older, I felt her presence all around me, no matter how far away she went. After all, she is a towering figure in my family who never hesitates to do the right thing, no matter how "unpopular" it may sound.

Yes, she is a tough, tough lady who has worked extremely hard to raise three of her children while enduring a variety of difficult circumstances. By the way, I've never seen this lady, who has a medium build and stands about 5'4" tall, laugh out loud, but that doesn't mean she doesn't smile to make those around her happy. With her distinctive tan complexion, I've always seen my mother in light-colored clothes that look great on her. My mother doesn't say much, but she knows how to get her point across, especially to her children.

Anyway, I adore my mother, owing to the fact that she is the one who brought me into this world. I like her because she is a genuine person with a straightforward way of thinking. Finally, I like her because she has taught me a lot of important life lessons that I cherish every minute of my life. So I often thank my mother quietly.

Model Answer 2

Even when I should, I am not the type of person who admires other people (well, for a girl, I am a rather "free-spirited" person). But when it comes to my older sister, even on her worst days, I can't help but admire her.

My sister is about 5 years older than me, and she has looked after me since I was a child in the absence of my parents (they were both working parents). I remember vividly those days when I was allowed to play outside with my friends and didn't want to go home, but it was my elder sister who pulled me up with her two hands and "snatched" me from the playground. I also recall those times when my older sister kept playing cartoon movies one after the other until I finally chose the one I wanted to watch. My older sister and I used to enjoy baking chocolate cake together, and this memory dates back to when I had probably just learned to write a full sentence and draw an elephant without assistance. Anyway, I don't see my older sister much these days because we both have different work and school schedules.

I admire my sister because she is such a loving and patient person for her age. In fact, in my 25 years of life, I have never seen my elder sister become enraged at me, despite the fact that I have done numerous things to irritate her. She knew her role as an elder sister perfectly well in the absence of our parents, as I recall her cooking for me and feeding me even when she was sick. Finally, I admire my older sister for her sheer determination in pursuing a PhD degree at night while working full-time during the day.

Model Answer 3

One of my cousins inspires me greatly. He's about two years my senior, so I've known him my entire life. My mother and aunt spent a lot of time together when I was young, so my cousin and I would often play in his garden. We mostly played football, but we also did other things. We were very close at the time, though we saw each other less and less in later years. We still see each other on occasion, albeit infrequently. I now live in another country, but whenever I return home, I try to meet him and hang out for a while. We probably see each other once every year or two. He is now married with two young children, and seeing photos of his family and thinking about how well his life has turned out makes me very happy.

I believe I've always looked up to him in some way. Perhaps it's because he has a high level of integrity. His honesty has always impressed me since I've known him. He's a wonderful person, generous and compassionate. Actually, most people are drawn to his sense of humour. People naturally gravitate toward him because he is both funny and optimistic. I admire him for all of these reasons and more.

Model Answer 4

'Family' is the most valuable thing to everyone. One cannot live without a family, and if we look closely, we can see that familial bonding exists among animals as well. As a result, having a family is critical to living on the planet. A family is a place where anyone can expect to get anything without expecting anything in return. My father is the person I most admire in my family. He is the most important person in our family and keeps it together. He is my personal hero. For his exceptional qualities, my father is truly an admirable individual.

He has led me down the right path, allowing me to shine in both my professional and personal life. He helped me in every way when I was a kid, and when I got a little older, he showed me how to choose. The most important thing is that he never forced me to do anything or perform according to his wishes. He always left the issues to me, showed me the paths, and I chose the right one. With his guidance, I am now a well-known photographer in the community. When he learned that I wanted to be a photographer, he cut his costs in half and bought me my first camera.

My father has retired and is now spending his time with family and friends. Most of his friends, like him, have retired, and they pass the time by reminiscing about their youth. My father occasionally takes my mother on outings as well. They spend the entire day outside and return at night, just as they did in the early days of their marriage. My parents' romanticism appeals to me. Furthermore, my father enjoys gardening and looks after the garden in front of our house. He frequently purchases flowers of various types and asks me to photograph him with the plants.

I admire my father and will continue to do so because of his honesty, sincerity, and sense of responsibility. I've never seen him disregard his obligations to my family. My father's most important characteristic is his sympathy for others, regardless of relationship. When a member of the family became ill, he rushed to care for the patient despite his thousands of responsibilities. He also used to assist needy relatives and conceal events from us. I am truly blessed to have such a father.

Model Answer 5

My mother is the person in my family whom I most admire. Why? She is always there for me and never abandons me. She brought me to this world, and I came to this world because of her. She loves me even when I disagree with her or make a mistake! Her love for me is unconditional, and there are numerous reasons why I admire and adore her.

She is the most loving person I have ever met in my life. She instilled in me the fundamental values of life and worked hard to teach me to distinguish between right and wrong. She is a virtuous and benevolent woman for whom I have great admiration. She was in charge of my elementary education and encouraged me to read books that were not on my academic book list. She was always close to me when I was a kid. She drove me to schools and playgrounds and patiently waited for me so she could look after me.

She is always quick to encourage me when I do something good. She is the best critic I could have, and it is thanks to her that I have learned computer programming, art, and other important skills. She is a dedicated mother who has dedicated her entire life to her family. She taught me the value and necessity of having a close family. My only younger sister is 12 years old, and my mother has always been my best friend.

She advised me on many issues during my adolescence and was always supportive of me, which helped me a lot to overcome the depression I was experiencing at the time. She encouraged me to participate in outdoor activities and to play cricket with other kids my age.

She took excellent care of me when I was ill, and I recall many sleepless nights she spent caring for me. When I'm sick, she still does that. She inspired me to apply to the best university in our country, and she is the one who has contributed the most to my development as a man.

She was a school teacher for about 5 years before giving up her job to become a full-time mother when I was born. Who else but my mother would make such a great sacrifice for me? She is my life's inspiration and idol. I respect her for everything she has done for me and continues to do for me. Her self-sacrifices and love for me are unparalleled in the entire world.

If you prepare for this cue card you should be able to answer the following cue card topics as well with very little changes:

  1. Talk about someone who cares about you a lot.
  2. Describe a person whom you like very much.
  3. Describe the person whom you admire most.
  4. Talk about a person you know for a long.
  5. Talk about a senior person whom you like a lot.
  6. Talk about a person who has a great influence on your life.

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