Describe a childhood memory you have - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe a childhood memory you have
IELTS Cue Card - Describe a childhood memory you have

Describe a childhood memory you have

You should say:
  • what it is
  • how old you were then
  • what happened
and explain what effect this has on your life.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Model Answer 1

Many adults lament the fact that they never got to fully enjoy their childhood. I recall the day my parents took me to register me for kindergarten and how much I looked forward to starting school.

My first day of school was ingrained in my mind and I can still picture it well. The Delhi Public School in Faridabad, Haryana, India, was where I first attended elementary school. I made some great friends here and it was a great environment for me to learn and grow. But that first day was unlike anything else, and I now realize how meaningful that one day was to me.

When I first stepped foot on school grounds, I was a six-year-old boy. Being unfamiliar with anything inside the school site, I was understandably anxious about the potential for trouble. The monotony of my youth was shattered. Before today, I had a habit of sleeping in, but I knew I needed to get up and ready for school by a certain time. On the first day of school, I had to get up earlier than usual for breakfast, and my parents gave me a variety of pieces of advice, the most essential of which was to be kind to my teachers and classmates and stay there in my classroom.

A middle-aged man was sitting at a large desk, greeting me with a broad grin as I walked into the principal's office. But for some reason, I was feeling quite anxious. The principal (I later found out he was the school's principal) then inquired as to my identity and family background. Then he asked me some easy math questions, to which I gave correct answers thanks to my parents' training. The Headmaster also quizzed me on the months and days of the week. After further discussions with my parents, he finally gave his approval for me to enroll at the school.

My life has been profoundly altered by the events of that first day. I had a meeting with the headmaster and did well. It was the first step toward my eventual achievement, and it boosted my self-assurance as a result. Despite the fact that it was a shorter interview than usual and that I knew nothing about the topic at hand, I accepted the offer. Because of this, I feel more confident going into future tests. My confidence has been bolstered by the first major challenge I've faced.

Model Answer 2

Everyone, without exception, wishes they could return to their carefree days of childhood. Like everyone else, I long to relive the days when I was carefree and had a blast. My visit to the Sozo Water Park in Lahore stands out most prominently among the days I spent there.

Sozo Water Park is the largest water park in Lahore, Pakistan, and a major source of entertainment for the city's young, hip population. It was the idea of three friends who were traveling together and had the inspiration to create this park while they were in another nation. This park has evolved into a comprehensive amusement center with a wide range of attractions. They like extreme activities such as water sliding.

When I first visited Sozo Water Park, I was a young boy of maybe eight or nine years old. We were celebrating the return of one of my maternal uncles from overseas with a trip to the park. So, he loaded us up and headed us to the amusement park for a day of thrills and spills on the water and other attractions. As a result, I joined my relatives, including my cousins, to the park for some recreational time. Although I was only a kid, I almost had fun on all the wet and dry rides.

Some of our relatives had already been to the park, so they knew what to expect and even found it less exciting than the rest of us. However, this was my first time here. So, I educated myself as best I could and went on the rides. The water slides gave me the greatest excitement. Although I found the experience of sliding down from a higher altitude to be really enjoyable, I must admit that my initial fear was understandable. I couldn't believe I was drowning in my own vomit. And when the fall began, I tightly gripped the plank that led to the basement. After the initial fall was over, I decided to give it another shot because I had such a high degree of apprehension about falling off the track the first time that I didn't get to fully enjoy it.

Despite the fact that the rides were purely recreational, I believe they helped me in many ways. Because of them, I no longer have any fear of trying new things or engaging in potentially nerve-wracking activities. In addition, I get really excited at the prospect of trying something brand new. In truth, I no longer worried that I would somehow be judged a failure. The thrill rides and water slides have given me the confidence to tackle any seemingly insurmountable challenges in real life.

Model Answer 3

Although I have many happy recollections, the day my parents gave me a doll is the one I'd want to talk about. I won this gorgeous Barbie doll when I was 12 years old and placed first in my school's dancing competition.

When I initially got that lovely present, I went around to all of my friends' houses to brag about it and introduce my new friend to them. I eventually began referring to the doll by its given name, and soon I was sharing intimate details about my life at home and in the classroom with my new best friend. In addition, my parents included a tiny suitcase with my Barbie doll that had all of her lovely accessories and spectacular outfits. I used to get up with my Barbie doll every morning and give it a fresh outfit.

Playing with a doll as if it were alive was a lot of fun, and the thought of it brings back a lot of fond feelings from my youth. When I think back on my youth, one of the most endearing memories I have is of the time I spent treating a toy like a genuine friend.

Model Answer 4

We took a trip to a beach on the opposite side of the country when I was about eight years old. We would occasionally take trips to this tiny vacation spot. There was a lovely horseshoe-shaped bay close to where we camped, and I spent most of each day there playing in the sand. We spent a lot of time as a unit. We used to enjoy picnics and games on the beach, but it was always too chilly to go swimming. There were moments when I preferred to play independently. Exploring rock pools in search of fish, crabs, and other marine life was one of my favorite things to do. I can't put my finger on why, but I remember being utterly enthralled by it.

My parents once advised me to release all the crabs I had caught in my bucket before we headed back to the caravan for the day. As a kid, I was devastated when they were taken away from me because I desperately wanted to retain them. They eventually persuaded me to return them to the ocean, where they belonged, where they would be content, and where they would perish if I kept them. I remember that period of my life with nothing but fondness. I learnt a valuable life lesson that day, and it brought me back to those great, carefree days with my family. You shouldn't be a jerk and just think about yourself while making decisions; you should think about how your choices will affect others, even if they're just animals.

Model Answer 5

I think the best part of life is being a kid because you can get away with so much more than you would ever be able to as an adult. My early years were marked by a great deal of naughtiness on my part. My mother, then as now, was deeply infatuated with her garden and all its lovely blooms. My uncle was in town for lunch, and she was really occupied with hosting duties. One day, while playing in the garden with my younger brother, I noticed a particularly lovely flower.

To be honest, I just picked it and my mom caught us in the act. As soon as she saw us, she ran frantically away from her desk. When I shouted "run!" at the top of my lungs, my brother and I took off running and our mom followed close after. Then a barrier appeared, and we had to cross it. My younger brother, however, who was only three or four years old at the time, was unable to jump. After she found out he had stolen the flower, my mother grabbed him and gave him a sound beating; I fled away and returned later that day, when the problem had been resolved.

Maybe it's been told to us a lot, and each time I heard it, something new stuck in my mind. It didn't have much of an impact on my life, but I enjoy making jokes about it with my younger brother.

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