Describe the best gift or present you have received - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe the best gift or present you have received
IELTS Cue Card - Describe the best gift or present you have received

Describe the best gift or present you have received

You should say:
  • what the gift was
  • who gave it to you
  • when you have received it
and explain why it is the best gift/ present you have ever received.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Model Answer 1

My parents celebrated my birthday and my 19th birthday last week. On this birthday, I received some of the nicest presents I've ever received, and I believe the books were the best of the best.

The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier and Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer are the two novels that my maternal uncle gave me. Some of the book's concerns, some of which I was unaware of before reading the books, have been beautifully illustrated by both authors. In reality, the books have helped me see things differently and have taught me to think from fresh perspectives.

Mr. Chinh is my maternal uncle and actually my mother's older brother. In the apartment building where we currently reside, he is also our neighbor. He was overly desperate in his youth and engaged in a lot of activities. Uncle Chinh is still regularly met by my dad today before making decisions concerning his business because he is the family's wise man. He also looks after the other family members and frequently organizes gatherings at his house. He is unmarried and gave personal justifications for why he did not get married, although to date it is known that a woman turned him down in his earlier years. He is in his middle age now and running his own traveling company.

I turned 19 last week, and since it was my last birthday as a teenager, my parents wanted to celebrate in style. In response, they planned a huge birthday celebration and nearly all of the family, relatives, neighbors, and acquaintances were invited. Unfortunately, some of the invited attendees were unable to make it since they ran out of time on the day of the event. However, the majority of them showed up on schedule and gave me various gifts. I was astounded by the selection of the gifts for me when I unwrapped them one by one after the ceremony. It was very fantastic to receive so many lovely gifts, but the books seemed to me to be the finest.

I enjoy reading, but only a select few people are aware of this. The other people perceive me as a young, traditional Vietnamese woman who enjoys spending time with friends chattering all day or shopping on the streets. But I'm not like them; sometimes I'm only allowed to do specific things. As a result, I have made reading books my hobby and have amassed a sizable library of books by both national and foreign authors. But because of the pressure from my classes, I was unable to find the time to get some new books, but uncle Chinh took care of it for me. Because I enjoy reading, I always choose books over other things, thus the books that have been provided to me have been the greatest.

Model Answer 2

If I could get the appropriate scores on my college's year-ending exam, my father promised to give me a special gift. As a result, I got the gift, and I think it's the best one I've gotten so far.

The best gift ever was a laptop that was given to me. I received a MacBook Pro, which was just fantastic. I was overjoyed at the moment and thought back to the stressful days leading up to the exam. In actuality, my grades were ordinary and I wasn't a very good student. My parents therefore organized the gift as a surprise for me in recognition of my accomplishment on the college's year-end exam.

I got the laptop from my father. I had different expectations; in fact, I had been having a dream about a high-end smartphone. However, I was taken aback when I noticed the MacBook box on my reading desk. My parents, who only have one daughter, were overjoyed by my unique achievement. Among the college students, I received the highest grade. My father told me to study diligently in order to produce a surprising outcome to the exam. I took his advise and really worked hard to study. Prior to exams, students typically don't maintain any kind of plan, but I was a little different. I faithfully adhered to the daily schedule and showed up for the exam. It was my accomplishment.

I got the laptop in the middle of the academic year, right after my college in Pakistan's first year-ending exam. I was surprised by it. My father is a successful businessman who is constantly working at his factory that makes ceiling fans. When the results were first announced, I initially believed that my father had forgotten about the present. He promised to get me a present, but he hardly made an effort to bring it home. Furthermore, I had no idea what the future would hold. After dinner, I went back to my room and saw an unopened box with a MacBook Pro on my nightstand. I came to understand that my parents hadn't mentioned the present in any way to surprise me. I hugged my parents tightly out of sheer happiness.

I was raised in a restrictive environment. Pakistan, a country with a majority of Muslims, rigidly adheres to Islamic law. So, compared to other nations, the range of a liberal existence is a little different, especially for girls. But I don't mind those limitations, and I adhere to the guidelines properly. But I've never previously gotten such priceless gifts. People frequently receive gifts on many occasions, but we rarely get the chance to celebrate birthdays or other anniversaries. There are therefore no such alluring presents for us. So, when I received the MacBook Pro, I was genuinely confused. In actuality, I've never in my life been given a gift this large. The best gift I have ever received, in my opinion.

Sample Answer Cue Card

I have gotten many gifts from a variety of people over the years on various occasions. These are a collection of alluring gifts that have touched my heart. encompassing everything from basic office supplies and decorative items to books and gadgets. It happens pretty frequently, and I am always so grateful to have such thoughtful presents.

The best gift I've ever received, in my opinion, was a phone. I initially learned about this recently released smartphone during my freshman year of college. The phone offered numerous cutting-edge and uncommon features, including two cameras, more memory, more speakers, and a big touchscreen. The phone was a good deal and was made of sturdy materials. Along with various characteristics that set it apart from other luxury smartphones at the time, it was considerably less expensive.

That year, on my birthday, my uncle came to see me at college and spent some time with me. He handed me a present package as he was walking away, and I opened it right away. I was taken aback to discover the same phone in the box. As my old phone was shattered and I was in desperate need of a new one, I was thrilled to receive this one as a present. My uncle had put a lot of thinking and care into it, so in my opinion it was the most meaningful gift. I gave my uncle a big embrace and expressed my happiness to him.

Sample Answer 4

Among the many presents I've received, a bouquet of flowers stands out as one of the most thoughtful and memorable. In 2016, my girlfriend at the time gave it to me. I had to defend my senior thesis in front of the faculty examiners' committee. My peers weren't particularly anxious because they knew that every student had to defend their theses at some point. But I wasn't like them; I didn't experience the same comfort. I received a full ride to college in the form of an academic scholarship, so I was under a lot of pressure to do well in my studies. Plus, I understood that my final grade point average (GPA) would be determined by the thesis defense, and that my GPA would be an excellent predictor of my future performance.

When it came time for me to give a presentation, I was a nervous wreck. I felt my muscles tighten and my stomach turn. Already there was my girlfriend, reassuring me that everything would be fine. The presence of her beside me alleviated some of the tension that had been building up. For as long as I can remember, I've had a great sense of humor, so of course I'd crack jokes for her. Evidently, I was able to conquer my apprehensions and anxieties with its aid. One of the examiners informed me that it was my turn to give a presentation, so I did so. As I walked into the room, I gave my girlfriend a quick glance. Simply, she grinned. I observed that all she brought was her purse and nothing else. After I successfully defended my thesis, I wasn't troubled by her gift in the slightest. The fact that she is there means the world to me, and being surrounded by her is the greatest gift I could ever receive.

The defense of my thesis went nicely, but I expected a tough audience. Having been relieved, I left the room. Immediately after I locked the door, I spotted my girlfriend waiting for me in the corridor. She had flowers with her and she was waiting there with some of my closest pals. As I fought back tears, I almost lost control of my emotions. A arrangement of flowers might not seem like the most thoughtful present for a man, but that's not the point. No. Having someone who was there for me no matter what was the best present a man could receive while going through a difficult time in his life, whether it be adjusting to college or dealing with his own feelings of uncertainty. The conclusion is that she was correct. It's all going to work out since she's the one who fixes everything.

Sample Answer 5

Each and every one of us appreciates the gifts we receive. Presents are considered by many to be an integral element of nearly every holiday and celebration. When given with sincerity and appreciation, presents always serve to brighten the recipient's day. When I think about presents, I can't help but think of the one I got on my thirteenth birthday. On my 13th birthday, I finally got the bike of my dreams.

My dad gave this to me when I was a kid. I'd been begging father to get me a bike so I could cruise the neighborhood after dark, and on my thirteenth birthday, he obliged. I informed him that I wanted a bicycle with a lot of gears when he inquired what kind of bike I wanted. My father gave me this extremely expensive present.

The Friday, May 24th, 2013 present was delivered to me. Forever etched in my mind is the day my dad finally agreed to take me to the bike shop. Bicycles with several gears were uncommon, so I rode with him to a specialized shop on the other side of town.

Once we arrived at the business, my dad spoke with the manager, and then he asked me to choose a color. A glow of happiness spread across my cheeks as I began to evaluate the relative attractiveness of various bicycle colors. Finally settling on black, my dad bought it for me. As soon as the bike was delivered to our home, I took it for a spin. That bike was one of the most meaningful presents I received for my 13th birthday and remains a fond memory to this day.

Sample Answers for Follow Up Questions

Do you think that gift giving will play an important role in daily life in the future? Why?

In the past, gifts have only been given on special occasions like birthdays and weddings, so I'm not sure how significant they will become in everyday life. The fact that instances like that are rare is what makes them so unique. But in general, I think it's fair to argue that exchanging presents is a major component of human communication. When our neighbors invite us over for supper, we usually bring a small gift, like wine or chocolates, to show our appreciation. It's a small token of our gratitude for their warm invitation. Although some may argue that it's only common courtesy, the civilized world places a high value on such observances.

Compare the gifts which people have received 10 years ago to the gifts that people now are receiving? What's the difference between them?

People used to send gifts to their loved ones that meant something to them. It's not necessary that this be something high-end, costly, or luxurious. In the past, a father could invest in a karaoke machine for his daughter if he had any inkling that she would one day want to pursue a career in music. As a result of his in-depth familiarity with his offspring, he frequently surprised them with thoughtful presents of this nature. These days, though, most people would rather offer a practical gift. If you want to know what I mean by "useful," it's something that serves a purpose but isn't necessarily unique. The father of one of my friends recently surprised his daughter with a brand new automobile for her seventeenth birthday. This has nothing to do with her interest in cars or speeding. Her father anticipated that she would soon be of driving age, so he gave her a brand-new car as a graduation present.

Do you think that the brand name is very important when it comes to giving a present?

The answer is "maybe." You know you're a crazy rich person when you buy a branded gift for someone's birthday who also happens to be the daughter of your business partner. For a birthday, it's not unusual for a successful businessman to spend thousands on a designer leather bag. In order to keep the peace with his business associates, they don't even check the price tag. In contrast, if you are a regular Joe like me, you probably won't spend a fortune on presents. On my birthday, my close friends usually take me out to dinner and buy me drinks to celebrate. I believe that just being in their presence and receiving their prayers is more than enough, but they also know that I will never turn down a present, especially if it comes from someone I care about.

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