Describe an advertisement you like - IELTS Cue Card

IELTS Cue Card - Describe an advertisement you like
IELTS Cue Card - Describe an advertisement you like

Describe an advertisement you like

You should say:
  • what type of advertisement it is
  • what product or service it advertises
  • where and when you first saw it
and explain why you like it and think that this advertisement is effective.

You will have one to two minutes to speak about the topic. You have one minute to consider what you will say. If you want, you can make some notes to help you.

Sample Answer 1

Advertising rarely serves the public good and, in my opinion, is a waste of time. However, an advertising appears out of nowhere and alters our train of thought, just like I had to do a couple of years ago.

This is a commercial for tea, the beverage. By the way, I'd say it was one of the best commercials I'd seen in a very long time because of how effectively the message was communicated through the medium of lighthearted banter.

About a year ago, I first saw this commercial on television. There are four people total, two women and their husbands, and everything seems to be in place for a wonderful evening in the commercial. All the while they were munching on snacks, they were engaged in lively conversation. After that, we drank some hot tea and talked about our days to wrap out the night. Everyone was pouring sugar into their cups of tea and discussing the specific kind of tea they were using when one of the women was found to be missing the sweetener. The woman cheerfully explained why she wasn't taking any sugar by saying that she takes great care to keep both her sugar levels and her husband's under control. People were laughing so hard after hearing that joke that they couldn't contain themselves. The commercial ended with a roar of laughter.

Anyway, I think the ad is great and effective because it sends a clear message to its target demographic about reducing sugar intake to manage diabetes while still enjoying a cup of delicious tea. Seeing a husband and wife's friendly but age-old competition over "who gets to control who" in a relationship was another reason I enjoyed the commercial so much.

Sample Answer 2

At the moment, I believe that advertising is the most effective form of marketing. These commercials help us learn about the various new product categories that are hitting store shelves.

As a matter of fact, we are inundated with commercials from every conceivable medium, including television, print media, and outdoor advertising. Let me tell you about a commercial I watched on TV around five years ago. Mountain Dew, a brand of soft drink, is featured in this commercial.

The most dangerous and exciting sport in the world, "parachute jumping," is being taught to a young boy in this advertisement. A parachute-equipped skydive is his goal in this commercial. Fearful and frightened, he first retreats. He initially hesitated, but after his companion encouraged him to take the plunge, he did so with full confidence and determination. In a fit of self-assurance, he downs some "mountain dew" and then leaps out of a perfectly OK plane. It's interesting that he's finally lending safely.

Because this commercial played often in the breaks between my favorite soap operas, I can still recall every detail. For another, this advertisement featured my all-time favorite actor, Salman Khan. Besides, the ad's slogan is catchy and interesting. Fear produces success, or so the slogan went; the words stuck with me.

That first time I heard these phrases, I sang them over and over again because they made me feel so good. I agree that we can do anything if we put out enough effort. In sum, the ad's message is heartwarming, and I still think about it often.

Sample Answer 3 

Ads are a common way for businesses to get their names out there these days, and I personally find them to be a useful source of up-to-date information wherever I go.

But I'd want to recall a memorable commercial to share with you. Among my favorite things associated with the beauty industry, this is one of the best. A few days ago, while at home watching my local news station, I happened to catch an ad for a brand new beauty parlor during a commercial break.

In reality, in this ad, a young woman detailed the business's name, address, and services—including body waxing, massage using cutting-edge technology, a genuine fruit facial, permanent eyeliner, and makeup—all for the low, low price of only ten thousand dollars.

The ad then depicts a subsequent visit by the same girl, during which she explains the nature of her condition and displays her acne-ridden face. Once the recipients offer their condolences, the girl's face appears to undergo a complete transformation within a few of hours. That's the most intriguing part of the ad, and it's why I'm interested in it.

In addition, my friend and I went there and tested out the bundled deal they had going on. It has now become well-known as a premier center for cutting-edge cosmetic services in my community.

Sample Answer 4

Commercials and adverts are a major bummer, as they tend to interrupt our enjoyment of our favorite shows just when they are getting good. There are, however, occasions in which we find these commercials to be acceptable, and it is one such occasion that I would want to discuss in this post.

However, I first saw the humorous advertisement around five or six years ago while on vacation at my cousin's house. My vacation was disrupted because of the unexpected and "hostile" weather, and I spent much of my time "trapped" at my cousin's house, watching television.

And that's when I saw the vehicle brand's pleasant and humorous ad. In that commercial, a worried father watches as his daughter drives off in the family's brand-new automobile. Even though he was understandably concerned for his daughter's and the car's safety, the father found it impossible to say "no" to his adored daughter, who had only recently gotten her driver's license. The father, however, was unaware that the vehicle in question was equipped with cutting-edge security measures. Nothing bad had happened, of course, in the end. In reality, the daughter returned the car to her father and gave him a full rundown of its features. He requested for a hug after learning about the safety features and his grin spread from ear to ear. Since the daughter assumed her father wanted to give her a hug, she approached him. She was taken aback when her dad gently nudged her aside and embraced his vehicle.

Anyway, I think this commercial is great since it manages to be both humorous and smart while also demonstrating the genuine love shared between a father and daughter. Another reason I enjoy this ad is that it makes no attempt to "persuade" its audience.

Sample Answer 5

Every day, we are subjected to a barrage of commercials, some of which are dull and uninteresting but some of which are really clever and worth paying attention to. A few months ago, I watched an advertising that I really enjoyed that talked about the unrivaled contributions women make to their children. Even though it was a "Mother's Day" commercial, the advertised product was not sold. Last "Mother's Day," I saw an advertisement for a health program sponsored by the ministry of child and mother care.

This advertisement was incredibly original and stood out from the crowd of similar product promotions. Instead, it was a commercial honoring moms that served as a reminder that parenting is the hardest job in the world. They are extremely attentive parents that provide for their children diligently. They forego their own desires and goals in order to raise their children well.

This commercial appeared on ( a channel..) UR TV. An imaginative advertisement that did its job perfectly. The film ends with a homage to the mothers of the world for their invaluable and unparalleled contribution to society, after showing a few historically significant figures and showing how moms are caring for and inspiring their children to do good.

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