IELTS Test Center Location and Test Fees in Afghanistan 2022

IELTS Test Center and Test Fees in Afghanistan 2022
IELTS Test Center and Test Fees in Afghanistan 2022

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardized and internationally known English language test for international education and worldwide migration. It assesses the English language skills of non-native English speakers who aspire to study or relocate to English-speaking nations. All IELTS test dates and locations can be found on Click "Check availability" to see all available IELTS exams in Kabul and register in a matter of minutes to secure your spot. There are some test center that provide official IELTS Test test jointly offered by British Council, IDP, IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English.

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IELTS Test Fees in Afghanistan

The registration fee for a one-time IELTS test in Afghanistan ranges from  PKR 34000 or 250 USD. The IELTS Academic and General Training (GT) for UKVI - in center (paper or computer) test costs around $250. Please note that the IELTS fee for each IELTS Test Center can change from time to time, so please check the official website of IELTS Afghanistan

IELTS Test Location in Afghanistan

British Council Singapore Limited - Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI)

Registration Address : British Embassy Compound 15 Street Roundabout Wazir Akbar Khan
Telephone: +93790000101
Email: [email protected]

If you do not find information about IELTS test providers in Afghanistan you can check alternative places on the IELTS Test Center Location page

Here are the IELTS test locations and also the cost to take the test in Afghanistan. In conducting the test, there are two major institutions that administer the IELTS test, namely the British Council and IDP. The IELTS examination is identical whether you take it at BC or IDP. Questions, examiners, and grading criteria are comparable in both settings.

If you have confused about IELTS Test, you can read Frequently Asked Questions, and get a more complete explanation about IELTS Test

Due to the fact that examiners are human and vulnerable to error and subjectivity, you may encounter some harsh examiners and others who are more lenient with their marking. There have been a few unofficial issues with both BC and IDP, such as defective headphones in the listening area, mixed-up dates, and less helpful staff.

In general, though, they are extremely professional, with the exceptions being typical of any institution. Consider the duration of the exam while selecting a location: 2 hours and 40 minutes. You'll want to come refreshed and well-rested, so it's ideal to select a venue close to your home or book a hotel nearby. The available dates are an additional factor to consider when deciding between the British Council and IDP. Both are more accessible in many regions.

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