Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic PDF+Audio

Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic and General PDF
Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic and General PDF

Cambridge IELTS Academic with Answers 17 is the most recent publication in its series of IELTS books 1-17. Through the practice tests, you can gain confidence for the actual IELTS examinations, You can perfect your preparation with the help of the Cambridge 17 IELTS Books, which will give you real test-like examination papers. Although the topics covered in the book Cam 17 are more varied and comprehensive than those covered in the previous volumes, the exam questions' structure has not changed significantly.

The Cambridge IELTS Books give students the best chance to become familiar with the IELTS test. Four comprehensive exams covering speaking, listening, reading, and writing are included in the IELTS 17 Academic Student's Book with Answers & Audio as well as audio recordings and in-depth explanations for each question. This enables students to quickly assess their test-taking abilities. Users can also use real test material to practice exam techniques.

The Academic and General Training versions of the IELTS test are both available.
  • The General Training test is for those who are immigrating to Australia, Canada, or the UK or applying for secondary education, training programs, or work experience in an English-speaking environment. 
  • The IELTS Academic test is typically for people who are applying for higher education or professional registration.

Overview of Cambridge IELTS 17

Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic and General PDF

You'll advance much more quickly if you combine the various skills when you practice so that your brain groups the language together.

Listening Activities in Cambridge IELTS 17
  1. Over and Over: The most crucial step to enhancing your listening is to repeat the process. Continue to listen and try to pick up new words, sounds, etc. The audioscript can then be used to determine your areas of weakness.
  2. Test environment: Find out how the exam works in your country and practice in that setting. Speakers or headphones? Working at a desk? Is that a freezing room? This can help to reduce stress on the day of the test.
  3. After you listen: This is a critical time for growth. Fill in the blanks, but consider writing down some other possibilities - keep your practice light and easy. You should be having fun with it and practicing your listening skills. Change it up by putting down the book and instead listening to a YouTube video or a podcast.
Writing Activities in Cambridge IELTS 17
  1. Focus Activity: Students may have difficulty focusing on multiple areas at once, such as vocabulary, grammar, ideas, and so on. Make things easier for yourself. Simply write one paragraph per topic and concentrate on your vocabulary. Then, write the same paragraph but pay special attention to grammar. Then thoughts. With the next paragraph, reverse the order. Continue to hone your skills, and then attempt to write an entire essay focusing on all of them at once.
  2. Sample Answers: Use sample answers to help you improve. Return to your previous essays and compare them to my sample answers. Can you incorporate any of my vocabulary? Is there any grammar? Continue to revise your old essays, incorporating what you've learned from my samples. Then, when you're practicing on your own, try to recall some of what you've learned.
Speaking Activities in Cambridge IELTS 17
  1. Combination: You should always combine your abilities. So, after reading, follow up with some speaking questions on the same topic. Take notes on your responses. Then write something. Return to your answers and pay attention. Is there any other words you could have used? Record yourself once more. Continue to practice the same topic. Review your responses a day later. Try again with a different vocabulary and video yourself. Continue to repeat this process until you can hear your progress and know you're not wasting your time!
  2. Different Answers: Some students practice by repeatedly answering the same questions. This makes you sound very robotic. Instead, answer the same question several times with slightly different details each time. This will make you sound more natural and fluent, and you will have the opportunity to use a broader vocabulary.
  3. Simulate the Test: Watch a YouTube test to see how it works in practice. One of my favorites is included. Then, either with the computer or with a friend, simulate a real test for yourself. This will help you feel less anxious when you take the real test.

So, from all of the Cambridge IELTS materials, you may select either an edition that includes four full exams for the Academic module or for the General Training module, and you can also select one that has or does not have downloaded audio.

The Books Contain: 
  • Each book includes an overview of the various modules as well as an explanation of the Cambridge Assessment English scoring methodology.
  • The content is perfect for pupils working partially or totally on their own thanks to a thorough portion of answers and tapescripts.

How to use Cambridge IELTS 17 effectively

You can buy and find a book anywhere, but you need to know how to use it effectively. Check out the rules below!

Basic foundation above 3.5 IELTS

The Cambridge IELTS 17 series includes a comprehensive set of exam questions as well as a large vocabulary, so you must have a solid foundation to begin studying this series. As a result, you should prepare a strong English knowledge base by enrolling in Pre-IELTS classes or studying at home. For a solid foundation training in all four skills, consult the IELTS Collins Classic exam preparation book series.

Evaluate your skills

If the test date is more than a month away, you should not take the practice test in the Cambridge IELTS 17 book right away. Determine your weak points and weak skills in order to improve them quickly.

To assess your English level and skills, you should practice 1 or 2 questions from the Cambridge IELTS 16 book ahead of time. Then, assess your weaker skill and concentrate on it. Do the practice test continuously for three weeks, similar to how you would prepare for a college entrance exam or many other exams.

Check your answers after taking the test

This is especially important when practicing for the Cambridge IELTS 17. You can see where you went wrong and avoid it the next time. You should not, however, check the answers before taking the test because you will think the test is too easy. This will not improve your situation!

Time control

Take the test at the same time as you would in the IELTS exam. This can be stressful, but it will help you manage your time effectively. You will understand how to properly allocate time and complete tasks on time. As a result, you will be much more confident when taking the actual test.

I have some crucial advice for using these Cambridge textbooks. The greatest techniques to practice with the Cambridge texts are often unknown to students. Many students squander a lot of time taking excessive amounts of practice exams. They think that doing this will help them study for the exam and sharpen their English. (Actually, the majority of them shouldn't even be studying for the IELTS exam; they are just practicing.)

Practice tests are a mediocre way to get ready for the test and a terrible approach to enhance your English. Because they just aim to assess your abilities, they are bad for enhancing your English. Of sure, with time, your English may get better, but that is not their goal. Compare these books to English language learning resources that emphasize grammar and vocabulary and lead you through activities. Don't waste time and money confusing the two because the process of enhancing your English and the process of testing your English are very different. The major error that most students make is that they only take these practice exams and don't look for other, more effective ways to sharpen their English.
What methods are preferable? Finding something entertaining to watch, listen to, read, or watch is one of these strategies, as is consuming high-quality information to keep your motivation levels up.
You might also choose to hire a tutor or enroll in an English course. Practice tests won't help you with this; this will!

However, there are some instances in which IELTS 17 are helpful for getting ready. You might start by becoming more accustomed to the test's structure and its various question kinds. As a result, they serve as good practice for various test question kinds. They are also useful tests, second. That implies that you can use them to gauge your development. You should probably take a test every week to gauge your progress if you intend to take the IELTS in the next two months or so. You should take a practice test once each month to gauge your progress if you have several months to a year (or more).
Use practice exams in this way; don't rely on them to help you with your English. The genuine solution is right in front of them, yet many students are hunting for an overly simplistic answer when all they need to do is improve their English, and their IELTS score will follow them like their shadow!

Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic and General Training PDF and Audio

For either the Academic or General Training modules, you can select an edition that includes four full tests. Each book includes an overview of these various modules as well as an explanation of the scoring methodology employed by Cambridge Assessment English, the company that created the IELTS test.

The books are perfect for self-study because they include answers and additional explanations, audio for the Listening tests, tapescripts, sample Writing answers, and an example Speaking test video.

Get the sample video for the Speaking test, the answer keys with additional explanations, and the audio for the Listening tests. Write your responses down (instructions on inner front cover), or use the book's QR codes to access your audio and video content immediately.

For General Training you can get the book by following article Cambridge IELTS 17 General Training PDF+Audio

Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic and General Training PDF.pdf 2.41 MB
Audio Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic and General Training.rar 101 MB


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    1. Sorry for the inconvenience, for now, this ebook is only available for Cambridge IELTS 16, you can check here Cambridge IELTS 16 General Training