Cambridge IELTS 16 Academic and General Training PDF

Cambridge IELTS 16 Academic and General PDF
Cambridge IELTS 16 Academic and General PDF

You can perfect your preparation with the help of the Cambridge 16 IELTS Books, which will give you real test-like examination papers.

The Cambridge IELTS Books give students the best chance to become familiar with the IELTS test. Additionally, it offers them the ability to practice exam strategies on actual test material.

The Academic and General Training versions of the IELTS test are both available.
  • The General Training test is for those who are immigrating to Australia, Canada, or the UK or applying for secondary education, training programs, or work experience in an English-speaking environment. 
  • The IELTS Academic test is typically for people who are applying for higher education or professional registration.
So, from all of the Cambridge IELTS materials, you may select either an edition that includes four full exams for the Academic module or for the General Training module, and you can also select one that has or does not have downloaded audio.

Overview of Book Cambridge IELTS 16

The format of the test has not changed from earlier editions of Cambridge IELTS 16. However, the author has added to and expanded upon the topics, making the material of this edition more varied than that of the earlier books in the series.

This book equips students with an audio recording for each of the four tests covering speaking, listening, writing, and reading, as well as in-depth explanations for each correct response. You'll be able to quickly and accurately evaluate your readiness for the test and the depth of your preparation with this tool. The author has created each test taking into account the most up-to-date trends in each subject area for the academic year 2020-2021. That's why it's pointless if you haven't heard of the IELTS Cambridge book series or don't have any of the books to review!

Listening Activities in Cambridge IELTS 16
  1. Over and Over: The best way to get better at listening is to practice listening. Keep listening and see what you can pick up in terms of new vocabulary, sounds, etc. Weak spots can be identified with the help of the audioscript.
  2. Test environment: Learn the format of the test in your country and give mock exams there. Which is better, a set of speakers or a pair of headphones? You're a desk jockey, right? Is it cold in there? You may find that doing this helps you feel more relaxed on test day.
  3. After you listen: This is a vital period for expansion. Fill in the blanks, but think about different possibilities – make your practice light and casual. You should enjoy yourself while honing your listening abilities. Change things up by putting down the book and listening to a YouTube video or a podcast instead.
Reading Activities in Cambridge IELTS 16
  1. Synonyms: Reading is possibly the most significant skill for IELTS. Highlight the important terms in the questions. Make a list of all the different ways to say the same thing. Then verify your reading - this will boost your test awareness and help you improve this skill for all areas of the IELTS.
  2. New questions: By creating new questions for each topic, you will begin to fully comprehend what the test is doing. This is much better if you have a friend with whom you can send your questions and then discuss them.
  3. Writing summaries: This is a very valuable and difficult talent. After each paragraph or entire reading, write a summary. It will force you to consider what is truly important.
Writing Activities in Cambridge IELTS 16
  1. Focus Activity: Students may struggle to concentrate on numerous topics at once, such as vocabulary, grammar, ideas, and so on. Make it easier for yourself. Simply write one paragraph for each topic and focus on your vocabulary. Then, write the same paragraph again, but this time pay close attention to grammar. Then there were thoughts. Reverse the order in the following paragraph. Continue to perfect your talents before attempting to compose a whole essay focusing on all of them at the same time.
  2. Sample Answers: Make use of sample responses to help you improve. Examine your prior essays and compare them to my sample responses. Can you use any of my vocabulary? Is there any grammatical structure? Continue to improve your previous essays, taking into account what you've learnt from my samples. Then, while you practice on your own, attempt to remember some of what you've learned.
Speaking Activities in Cambridge IELTS 16
  1. Combination: Your skills should always be combined. So, after reading, ask some speaking questions about the same issue. Make a record of your responses. After that, write something. Return to your responses and take close attention. Is there anything else you could have said? Make another recording of yourself. Continue practicing the same subject. After a day, go over your responses again. Retry with a different vocabulary and record yourself. Repeat this method until you can hear your progress and know you're not wasting time!
  2. Different Answers: Some pupils practice by answering the same questions over and over again. You sound incredibly robotic as a result of this. Instead, answer the same question several times, each time with slightly different details. This will help you sound more natural and fluent, and you will be able to use a larger vocabulary.
  3. Simulate the Test: View a YouTube demonstration to see how it works in practice. One of my personal favorites is included. Then, using a computer or a friend, mimic a genuine test for yourself. This will make you feel less nervous when taking the actual test.
The Books Contain: 
  • Each book includes an overview of the various modules as well as an explanation of the Cambridge Assessment English scoring methodology.
  • The content is perfect for pupils working partially or totally on their own thanks to a thorough portion of answers and tapescripts.

Cambridge IELTS 16 Academic and General Training PDF

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